Some may describe me as a fitness freak! And I’m okay with that 🙂 But there’s more to me than just fitness. I’m a proud mom and a happily married wife–I just happen to LOVE fitness, nutrition, and helping people live fuller, healthier lives. I’m passionate about what I do because of the mistakes I’ve made and I just cringe at the thought of people thinking their goals aren’t possible. I have experienced the pitfalls, the negative self-talk, the over-eating issues, the too-busy-to-eat-right excuses, and I’ve figured a few things out…especially that ANYONE can achieve what I have achieved in fitness and in this Beachbody fitness business.

I learned at an early age, 14yrs old, why it’s SO important to fuel your body, workout, and have the right mindset. In my pursuit to become a professional ballerina at age 14, I learned a few priceless things about nutrition, extreme dedication, training, and the power of your own potential when you set your focus on a goal and let NOTHING get in the way.

Through high school and college, I continued to get involved in fitness and learn as much about nutrition as possible. Even though I graduated with a BBA and took the corporate career route in HR Mgmt, fitness and helping others get fit was ALWAYS my passion. It wasn’t until I heard about Coaching that I realized I could make a living, more lucrative than my corporate career, doing what I love! I had heard it was possible to build the business while working fulltime, so I went for it!

After a couple of years, I was making more as a Beachbody Coach than I was in my corporate career. So I resigned from the fulltime job and then 6 months later, my husband was able to resign from HIS fulltime job! It was a dream come true to be stay at home, work from home, parents and be on our OWN schedules and make a better income than we had ever dreamed was possible.

Family and balance come first in my life, but I’m passionate about being fit and helping others experience that as well. In 2012, I finished #3 top coach out of 100,000 coaches due to my dedication to helping my team be successful with THEIR Beachbody businesses. I want my team members to have the opportunity to live fuller lives with a real purpose to be on a fit and healthy journey, and be the cheerleader to their friends and families. Changing lives and believing in others is what we do best.

If you are a Coach or already HAVE a Coach you’re working with, please refer to them for help/guidance. Otherwise, I’d love to officially be your Coach. Click the button to make me your coach – this costs you NOTHING 🙂