Believe in yourself more than anyone!

I’m very familiar with judgement from people that don’t know me & I do my best to ignore whispers, comments & looks

I wear boots in warm weather .
I wear makeup when I workout .
I’m a former ballerina who lifts weights & does Crossfit .
I married my 12-year old crush .
I was able to have a baby against all odds . Built a multi million dollar fitness business on social media even though I’m NOT the fittest and I lack social skills

I’m saying this because I want you to take the chance even though everyone around you might be shaking their heads, judging or thinking… “good luck with THAT!”

Don’t let statistics or their opinions of you be the reason you don’t do what you want.

You only have one chance to give this life your best .

They aren’t walking in your shoes.

They don’t know your reasons or your drive.

Yes, be open minded, be smart, consider how your path will Impact your future , but take a chance as you might not get the chance again. It’s not a waste of time if you learn something .

Believe in yourself more than anyone!