Bone broth…. yes or no??

Bone broth.... yes or no??

Ok so if you follow my brother in law Bret Johnson aka "the hangry chef" on that other platform, you may know he makes really great healthy meals & he doesn't like you to ask questions😮.. well, he likes it, but he likes giving a smarta$$ answer better, ☝🏼cuz he's hangry.

So I didn't want to ask toooo many questions about what he was putting in his bone broth (for gut health)☺️ I didn't have everything on hand that he uses, so I just put some Avocado oil in a pan & cooked up a 1/4 onion, 1 tsp minced garlic, some Himalayan Pink Salt & garlic Flavor God. Then I added ~32oz water & heat it up (didn't even bring to boiling), & added in 2 scoops bone broth. Then I strained out the onions.

I loved the taste!! I stored the rest in the fridge. It made enough to make about 3 mugs ☕️☕️☕️

If you want Chalene's code to save on that broth, it's TeamChalene on their site (the bone broth company).