Chalene’s PiYo Crew

What was YOUR workout this morning?

Here's Chalene's PiYo crew from this morning's super workout!!

Such an amazing experience to be on that stage & work out with 20,000 people LIVE!

Healthy Lunch before Summit Rehearsal

Just a pic of our lunch before my rehearsal at the convention center

I'm really so honored to be asked to speak at the Leadership portion of Summit!

As you know, I don't particularly like public speaking but when it's a business topic I'm passionate about teaching to others, it comes MUCH easier.

I just focus on them and the message I need to make sure they hear loud and clear vs what they may think of me as a person or as a speaker. I'm not there to be liked or put on a pedestal, I'm there to teach. And I hope people have an easier time succeeding as a result

Let your purpose be bigger than your fear

I've come to learn some people don't start in business (or other new venture) because they don't want to be seen as a beginner.

They're used to being comfortable or advanced/successful in what they do.

Learning something new is always awkward at first & the fear of what others will think while watching the early stumbles, is paralyzing for many.

The ONLY way I know to break free from that is to decide your purpose is bigger than your fear of judgement.

As Dr Seuss said "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"

What to do when your desired outcome doesn’t happen

Sometimes what causes stress is the vision in our head that the outcome or path is supposed to look a certain way & when it doesn't, stress or fear sets in.

If it's in your control, prioritize it, problem-solve it, prepare for it, and pray. Let the rest fall into place - you're doing your best & you're not giving up!

If it's not in your control, just pray and have Faith the outcome/path was the one that was meant for you, for reasons you may not understand yet. Give yourself time & grace to roll with it

It’s okay to protect your energy


I love this for my own reminder so I shared it with my team tonight & thought I'd share it with u all as well .

If you don't protect your energy/happiness/mindset, you'll also risk negatively impacting your health, your relationships, your fitness, your message, your self confidence & more.

Let go of the fear of judgment when you need to protect your energy

Team Workout!

Started the day off with a team workout!

Are you ever resistant to being a part of a team because you don't want to let others down??

I get it!

I was one of the weakest girls, if not THE weakest, on our team today but when you "level up" & play with the big kids in sports/business/life, you start to establish a "new normal" you never knew was in you!

That's why I love it when something challenges me !! ( except annoying challenges 150 Burpees for time )

Structure or Intuition?

What's your preference?
Structure & guidelines ..or being intuitive ?

You've heard of intuitive eating? Well I do intuitive exercising. In other words, each day my workout is dependent on what I feel I need ..but also taking into consideration what I *want* to do, what makes me feel accomplished or happy, my time constraints that day, and my goals - which are not all just physical or aesthetic.

This does NOT work for everyone (just like intuitive eating doesn't work for everyone. No one particular way of eating works for everyone). In fact, women I help daily actually really THRIVE on having structure- a calendar to follow, with workouts & food guidelines laid out. No need for analyzing & decisions, & they get amazing results just the same . It's a matter of personal preference (...but experience & knowledge is a key factor because not everyone knows how to design, or how to perform, their own effective workouts). So I ask again..

What's YOUR preference ?

Super fit even with doctor’s restrictions

I finally got another pic of Matt! 😁

He's proof you can be super fit even if your Doctor tells you you're not supposed to do any more HIIT workouts or heavy lifting 😨..which is what he always did! He found out a couple years ago he has a genetic issue with his heart valve ..but that hasn't stopped him from the cardio & lifting that he CAN do, within the Dr's guidelines.

He has to stick to *steady+ state* cardio, light weights w/high reps (but the key is he goes to true muscle failure) & NUTRITION. He's a cleaner eater than me (& it shows!😆)

Socks … show … or no-show… ??

Socks ... show ... or no-show... ??

I'm REALLY NOT picky about certain things but for some reason SUPER DUPER picky about no-show socks. I don't like them to show.. AT ALL.. I'm pretty sure that's why "no show" was created. But all the socks labeled "no show" DO show on me, or they fall down.

The pair on the left is a "boys no-show" that Target used to sell & I bought them for my son & discovered they were PERFECT for ME..but they discontinued them years ago. I still have a few & I treat them like expensive jewelry

One time Chalene & Bret's dog ate one & then threw it up. They threw the sock away & I was like "oh no no noit's fine!"

I've tried the Lululemon socks that have sticky on them ..didn't stick for me.

Chalene once found a pair & sent them to me, but I can't find them ..I'm sure they're hanging out with all my hair ties & phone chargers somewhere

Busy Busy!

Busy busy today!! But I fit everything in as best I could! I have SO much more freedom-of-schedule now that I coach full time but I still struggle with time management, some days more than others. I still sometimes struggle with trying to take on too much! How about you?