Fasted Cardio

Fasted cardio this morning! Do YOU do fasted cardio??

I know many of you do that DAILY & that's cool too; it's just not part of MY normal routine since I normally workout at 9am. I do fasted cardio like once a week.

Ideally (and I say this with caution because I don't think it's helpful to get SO caught up in the rules that you end up not working out or not as hard) but *ideally*, if it's an intense HIIT or strength workout, you should have fuel in you that you've allowed to digest an hour or so, in order for your body to still burn stored fat versus burning muscle.

So fasted workouts truly are most effective if they're steady-state cardio. I did a 30min spin

fasted cardio

Put yourself in an environment to prosper

And don't wait for that environment, go after it!


• Honestly, I'm in the best "place" I've ever been in my life and I owe that to becoming a Coach.

• Before coaching, I was stressed, over worked and barely making ends meet. Still.. I convinced myself "everything's fine" and really everything was OK, but something was missing.

• I really thought I had no choice but to get my degree and climb the corporate ladder. I wanted to make a solid living and I thought a corporate career was the ONLY way and the best way. Thank God I learned the truth -there was more to life .

• Now I work when I want, where I want, with no boss, no dress code, no office politics , doing what I love , being home when my son gets home from school, being able to put family first, having time for fitness and healthy eating's everything to me to have less stress, more time, big savings & no debt.

• If you've thought about it and then convinced yourself it's not for you, or you're too late, or you can't be successful because you're not like this or that person... you're keeping yourself from an awesome way of life.

• I was the most private, introverted person I knew and not even on Facebook when I started . I'm so thankful I looked into this further.

• It's not for everyone, but it's life-changing for go-givers who are positive people & love giving other's advice in fitness & health.

Message me here if you would like to learn more!

Shoes for leg day

On leg day I wear a shoe with a lot of support because I know I'll be doing Plyometrics. These are Nike AirMax. I personally think they feel a bit clunky when I run or turbo in them, but I love a good legday in them.

What's your fav running/lifting workout shoe right now? I know some people really don't like Nike !

fat burn

Increase your fat burning metabolism

Has lifting changed your shape?! Which program, if any, made the difference for you?

Don't wait until you've lost a certain amount of weight to start lifting & lifting intensely. The added muscle will increase your fat burning metabolism, among countless other benefits

 fat burn

You’re worth the work

It's going to take time, but it's going to be WORTH it!! You're worth the work

The quality most associated with success and happiness

You may not be able to control your circumstances, but you can always control your attitude  Agreed??

Be kind

Be kind. Refrain from the dirty look, the negative comment, the temptation to assume you know the situation, or the "why" behind someone's actions.. *especially* when it's someone you don't know well. You never know what they're dealing with or overcoming.

You with me? Feel free share if you agree.

“That’s fine if you won’t block for me…. but don’t tackle me”


Matt & I don't always agree.. in fact, he thinks this post is wayyy too long But I was just thinking how thankful I am to have a husband that supports where we're going with this business & always has.. even when I wasn't successful yet & was investing time & money before any ROI showed up. It was team work to make it work given full time careers while we were new to building this, and on top of trying to be good parents, & having super busy schedules.

I realize not every couple is on the same page pursuing goals & I cringe to see couples struggling with this. I realize some people have family members who are skeptics of what they're pursuing as well.

Peoples' opinions are solely based on their own experiences & they have trouble seeing beyond their own experiences. Even though they love you, it can sting to know they're not supportive. Your beliefs have to be ROCK SOLID to withstand that & move forward.

Sometimes it's that your success or personal growth makes them self-reflect & uncomfortable.

At the Platinum Edge conference, Ray Higdon made a football analogy in regards to spouses not yet on board. He said "that's fine if you won't block for me.... but don't tackle me" ..what are your thoughts on that??

In the case of an unsupportive spouse, I don't know how to turn it around other than be patient, communicate & educate .. but I bet some of YOU have great advice on this topic ...

pumpkin shakeology

Pumpkin Shakeology

Pumpkin everything?! Yes??

Ok, so play around with this recipe to get your desired sweetness & pumpkin taste but here's what I did ..

• 6-8 ice cubes
• 1 cup Vanilla Unsweetened Almond Milk
• 1/4 cup water (more or less depending on desired thickness
• 1/2 banana for creaminess
• 1 teaspoon Pumpkin Pie spice from Flavor God (bought at Amazon)
• Sweet leaf stevia to sweeten (I used toffee flavored ..also bought on Amazon)
• Vanilla Shakeology (from me or your Coach)

BLEND WELL. You could try 1/2 cup pumpkin purée for more pumpkin flavor. I just didn't have any

This is high protein & the Shakeology alone has 3-4 servings of Superfood fruits and vegetables condensed = 5 trips to the salad bar my friends!!

pumpkin shakeology

Focus on the purpose of the message, not the fear

How do you feel about public speaking??

It used to terrify me! Here I am today prepping for my weekly Wednesday team call & thousands will watch the recording. I don't get nervous any more, just excited & really focused on what I have to share. Focus on the purpose of the message, not the fear. If I can do this, any one can!