There are days where life is ALL off balance

What's your go-to if you have just 30 minutes??

Today was not a typical Saturday bcuz it was alllllll about playing catchup with business! These last several days have been devoted to finalizing the last pieces of the move (we are % out FINALLY.. Matt says it's official.. we're hoarders ), projects & deliveries at our new house, closing on the house we moved out of, planning our Super Saturday, hosting my parents & celebrating my mom's Birthday busy week! 

So I finally got to workout tonight & in less than 30minutes I busted out biceps, triceps & turbo!!

There are days where life is ALL off balance & that's not only OK, the imbalance is actually *necessary* for growth because it forces you to fall forward to find your balance again.

Bret’s Salad

So awesome to have Chalene & Bret here!! Bret made this amazing salad ! I added avocado & tessemaes avocado dressing to mine

Gimme all the avocado


Chocolate Superfood Almond Butter Bites

Little bit of a messy scene to get this pic but the end result was

Chalene & I wanted something sweet & you know how I avoid chocolate in the house (no control ), so I made us these Chocolate superfood Almond butter bites (2T Almond Milk, 2T Almond Butter, 1T Coconut Oil, 1 scoop Vegan Chocolate Shakeo), mix, ball up & freeze 15 minutes.

Social Media Business Building Tips

What’s your favorite business or personal development podcast or book right now??

I prefer learning from *listening* vs reading, especially when it’s LIVE.

In a room full of fitness/health business owners, my sister not only drenched us in sweat with an amazing strength & flexibility workout but also gave us an hour of GOLD social media business building tips!! GOLD I tell you.. GOLD   It’s legit AMAZING how you can design your life, work when & where you want to work, serve others & build a business, basically from your phone .

It’s no longer about perfection, likes or trying to look like or be like the “successful” ones (it actually NEVER was about that last part). You just have to be willing to take small, seemingly insignificant steps DAILY to become the person you aspire to be & share PIECES of that. Don’t overthink it! Just start! As Chalene said “plan to fail because that’s the ONLY way you’ll learn! Let it be a mess. Do it MESSY” ..But she also gave us SO many tips to reach and help more people & take “selling” out of the picture! Big huge THANK GOODNESS

Kettlebell WOD

Read closely: 3 ROUNDS of this Tag your gym buddy!

I used a 35lb kettlebell but only YOU know what weight is right for you Most start with a 15-26lb kettlebell.

Be sure to warm up beforehand & cooldown and stretch afterwards

Wild Planet Tuna With Hummus

This is Wild Planet tuna with stone ground mustard & hummus on a toasted Ezekiel muffin

Be smart about sweeteners

I’m sure you already know this but beware of the protein supplements and so called “health” supplements that have artificial sweeteners that may upset your stomach.

For example, protein bars with maltitol do that for me. Everyone is different as to what their system can tolerate & at what stage of “clean eating” they have achieved. At the same time, beware of natural sweeteners that will actually spike your insulin and cause cravings. Just know what you’re consuming & the effects.

If you’re unsure if something you’re using to sweeten things is spiking your insulin and causing cravings after a meal or snack, ask a Nutritionist or Google it

It’s NOT your reality

Don’t you dare settle for the goals & lifestyle that others think is realistic for you. Their opinion of realistic is based on their previous experiences of what is realistic for THEM & the people they know.

It’s NOT your reality

Sore abs and I love it

You know what LISS stands for right?

That’s what I needed today (backday ). So sore today still from Friday’s workout (hope you’re checking my IG stories ) so a nice easy jog to loosen up was needed!

My abs are so sore, it feels like my ribs are broken & for some reason I love it

Tempeh is healthy

You like???

This is hard boiled eggs, guacamole, hummus & tempeh.

And yes, Tempeh is healthy. It’s not your average soy product found in many protein bars & so-called “health” foods, which should be avoided. It’s *fermented* which is key, organic, and certified non-GMO made by Lightlife. Maybe all Tempeh’s aren’t certified non-gmo ..I don’t know.. but this kind I buy is.

To prep this, I put it in a pan (after dicing) with coconut oil, Braggs Liquid Aminos & Flavor God seasoning (usually “lemon & garlic).