Pre-chopped salad

Just threw this together using one of those pre-chopped salads from Kroger has kale, cabbage, & other greens, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds & I added 1/4 apple, 1/4 avocado & pine nuts. I topped it with avocado ranch dressing made by Tessemaes ! It was DELISH!

Then I frantically searched for some chocolate as a lil dessert and found NONE

It really DOES help if you can’t access your trigger foods/drinks ..cravings do pass

Make Small Changes

It’s kinda amazing what happens when you make small, but somewhat dreaded, changes to what you do daily.

I say “somewhat dreaded” bcuz idk about you but i really don’t LOVE making changes, I kinda love my comfort zone & staying with a routine .

But I *know* in fitness, in nutrition, in business, in parenting, we have to try new things ALL THE TIME. It feels like a risk and it IS. But this is the difference between working hard & working smart. You can work hard & play everything “safe” within your comfort zone and you’ll probably do ok.. for a bit anyway. Eventually you may feel stuck/bored/exhausted.

To work smarter & get unstuck, you have to open your mind to new and different ways and have the drive and courage to take steps out of your comfort zone, admit to the solve-able problem you’re using as a story to justify your fear of the alternative.

People who are inspiring, in my opinion, are the people who take risks, aren’t trying to fit a mold, they lead the way, they do what others won’t, they show what’s possible starting at ground zero.

I’m aiming to do that & sometimes falling short, but I can assure you I don’t stop aiming for it & I hope you don’t either

Girls’ trip departure workout

Recognize the commentator’s voice ??

The girls trip departure workout this morning was 1 minute of 5 exercises, 3 rounds through !

1. Speed Skaters
2. Quick Toe taps on a step
3. Ab rollers
4. Mountain Climbers
5. Thrusters as shown (with a weight that is challenging to do for a minute without breaks)

Toasted Ezekiel bread with avocado & tomatoes

A kitchen of 11 of us girls this morning & we pretty much all had our toasted Ezekiel bread with avocado & tomatoes this morning !
But first … COFFEE

If you are an introvert…

It’s no secret that I’m a TOTAL homebody (rare footage of me out of hibernation) and a total introvert. When I was little, I thought that meant I lacked confidence & had no personality. I thought that’s what people thought of me. What I’ve learned is that the way people perceive you is much more likely to match how YOU perceive yourself and how you treat others.

Just something to keep in mind if you’re an introvert too! Or, if one of your kids is an introvert, make sure they know it has nothing to do with confidence or personality

4 Rounds – Quick Cardio Interval

Quick Cardio Interval :


20 Burpees w/25lb plate (it rests on another 25lb plate)
20 Speed Skaters (right + left = 1)
20 Dumbbell Thrusters (I used 20’s)
20 Weighted Sumo Squat Jumps

Be sure to warm up first!!

Girls’ Trip

I’m SO excited for our girls trip that my sister hosts every year!

We’ve all known each other for YEARS & when we get together, we have a BLAST!!

We’ve done this girls trip every year & it never disappoints!

Finish your first month of 2018 strong

5 things to finish your first month of 2018 strong, aside from getting in your daily workouts.
Which one is your struggle if any??

1. Stop buying tempting foods/drinks for the house
2. Hide/pitch the ones you already bought
3. Know your meal plan/approach & map out 2 week’s meals on paper
4. Be on your BEST BEHAVIOR grocery shopping!
5. Limit eating out & drinking, unless it’s truly a special occasion. Yes, if you live in a health conscious area, SOME restaurants are very healthy but typically portion sizes are still too large & lots of hidden sugars & ingredients.

p.s. results come from being “good” consistently not from being perfect all the time.. (perfection goals aren’t healthy or sustainable). How “good” and how consistent you are will dictate your results. Good isn’t defined by comparing to someone else. Good is defined as a comparison to what YOU normally do. Results come from PERSONAL progress with nutrition & workouts. So aim to consistently make better choices you don’t normally make.

Prove them wrong

It’s unfortunate ..but there may be people watching that don’t think you’re capable. They think you won’t keep it up and you won’t see it thru!

You’ll start off your year excited but then when it’s not easy, you’ll give up. How can you let people underestimate you like that?! Unfortunately they may even be the people you love most! It’s ok, their opinion is based on their past experience. It’s not based on reality of the fire within you and your unique strengths.

Am I right or am I right?!

Sweet Earth Veggie Burger

You may have seen my insta story where I’m burning this veggie burger

Just so you know, it turned out DELICIOUS anyway !!

It’s “Sweet Earth” brand, Teriyaki flavor. I put it on chopped greens w/raw pumpkin seeds, a little feta, hummus & wholyguacamole