Chalene’s PiYo Crew

What was YOUR workout this morning?

Here's Chalene's PiYo crew from this morning's super workout!!

Such an amazing experience to be on that stage & work out with 20,000 people LIVE!

Healthy Lunch before Summit Rehearsal

Just a pic of our lunch before my rehearsal at the convention center

I'm really so honored to be asked to speak at the Leadership portion of Summit!

As you know, I don't particularly like public speaking but when it's a business topic I'm passionate about teaching to others, it comes MUCH easier.

I just focus on them and the message I need to make sure they hear loud and clear vs what they may think of me as a person or as a speaker. I'm not there to be liked or put on a pedestal, I'm there to teach. And I hope people have an easier time succeeding as a result

It’s okay to protect your energy


I love this for my own reminder so I shared it with my team tonight & thought I'd share it with u all as well .

If you don't protect your energy/happiness/mindset, you'll also risk negatively impacting your health, your relationships, your fitness, your message, your self confidence & more.

Let go of the fear of judgment when you need to protect your energy

Busy Busy!

Busy busy today!! But I fit everything in as best I could! I have SO much more freedom-of-schedule now that I coach full time but I still struggle with time management, some days more than others. I still sometimes struggle with trying to take on too much! How about you?

Flashback to my teaching days

Flashback Monday to my teaching days
Yes, those chains were absolutely necessary!

Such great memories!

It was either a LOUD, dark #turbokick dance party or it was bootcamp, or "muscle madness" sweatsesh ..either way, I left DRENCHED in sweat & on a high!

But outside of that class, I was struggling trying to do it all --be a good mom, wife, employee, eat right, get enough sleep, etc.

Finally I realized I was just working harder, not smarter. I owe a lot to my sister for pretty blatantly pointing these things out to me

I initially stopped teaching due to a hamstring pull & wanting to focus on my BB Coachimg business more. I was working fulltime; demanding hours at the time & wanted to build my business to someday be a stay-at-home mom and fitness business owner, without the overhead, financial risk, major stress, and employees. I'm so happy I took that leap of faith and chose to have a Coach business.

I could go back to teaching at any point now, but idk... I actually LOVE the schedule-freedom that I have helping people online as a fitness coach from HOME! Too many times I was stressed out prepping for class or leaving what little family time I had, to go teach. I still REALLY LOVE all the people and the memories though

If you teach & love it, believe me, I get it! But kudos to you, because it's a LOT of work & you have to do it purely out of love for it! And yes, I do still teach at coach events & with friends!!

crossfit beachbody

It’s YOUR Business

Yes, I crossfit (not competitively, *obviously*) in addition to BB programs, running, spinning, my own workouts, etc.

You do you & I'll do me, ..right?!

Being a BB coach, doesn't mean you only workout at home & it doesn't mean you need to fit a certain mold. It's YOUR business, your approach & message, your journey, your way of helping and inspiring.

If you're curious, just ask

crossfit beachbody


Mid-way thru a piyoflip ☺️

Will I see you at the Friday morning PiYo workout Chalene's teaching at Coach Summit??

Make this your time

Why not you? 😁

I used to see women who did fitness full time & think "that's great for them". I assumed I'd NEVER be able to make a full time living working flex hours at home, doing what I love. I made a whole slew of assumptions & excuses as to why that wasn't for me. I'm so thankful to my husband, my team and all of you who read my posts & engage with me, for making this change of careers not only possible but more than I ever could've dreamed of.

I love showing others it's possible for anyone who is on a fitness journey and willing to put in the effort consistently providing value & help over time!

Message me if you'd like more details on how to get started

Don't wait until your time comes, make this your time 👊🏼

Are you curious about running an at-home fitness business?

Who's curious about starting and being trained to run a successful at-home online fitness business ?

This is where I spent the majority of my day today, like any other day now, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

But.. this isn't luck, I specifically decided, committed & worked for this over time - thru the unknown, thru fear, thru failures, thru others negative judgement that this at-home fitness coaching business wouldn't work.

I wasn't on social media, I'm not a salesperson, I don't have any amazing transformation story, I'm an introvert, & I don't like the camera. Yes, I have fitness cert's but most don't because we're providing accountability & support, NOT prescribing workouts or meal plans.

So how'd I make it successful? Passion, work ethic, & strong reasons I wanted to make a living from home 🏡with my preferred hours and life priorities.

My point is, basically anyone who wants to do this for the right reasons & the long term commitment, can see great success ☝🏼😊
That's a fact I'm proud of; proven by the hundreds of successful BB coaches on Team Hardcore. ☝🏼I equip you for success.

🎯Message me if you'd like the basic info on what it entails to become a coach & you can see if it's something you'd want to look into even further.

Only those who are U.S. & Canada and not a Coach or working with a coach already. And btw, beachbody does not guarantee any level of income or success with the team beachbody opportunity. Each coach's success is dependent on his/her effort, skill & diligence over time.

Congratulations, Cory!

Omg, it's OFFICIAL!!! I'm ecstatic because Cory Miller is one of my dearest friends !! Will you please help me congratulate her on becoming Million Club earner in her Coaching business??

Between her business & her husband's coaching business, they hit this milestone some time ago, but now Cory's business has NAILED IT🎯 on its own.

Cory would be the first to credit her team and her husband's support! Cory is humble in her success and she's always looking to just stay the course no matter what curveballs life throws her way (girlfriend is NOT a quitter; if it's meaningful to her, she'll find a way), be authentically herself, and always lead with such honesty! She always knows the details on things (unlike me🙈😆) and is SO good with teaching and trainings. Oh and she does SO much to mentor and reward her team as well... it's truly awesome to watch!

She's fun to follow on social media too since she's a busy sports-mom of 3 and has a great sense of humor. She's on IG as FitnessCory👌🏼

Cory, I could not be more proud! I'm so happy for you! And so grateful for our friendship💗!!!

Disclaimer: Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income with the Team Beachbody opportunity. Each coach's success is dependent on his/her own efforts, skills, and diligence.