Social Media Business Building Tips

What’s your favorite business or personal development podcast or book right now??

I prefer learning from *listening* vs reading, especially when it’s LIVE.

In a room full of fitness/health business owners, my sister not only drenched us in sweat with an amazing strength & flexibility workout but also gave us an hour of GOLD social media business building tips!! GOLD I tell you.. GOLD   It’s legit AMAZING how you can design your life, work when & where you want to work, serve others & build a business, basically from your phone .

It’s no longer about perfection, likes or trying to look like or be like the “successful” ones (it actually NEVER was about that last part). You just have to be willing to take small, seemingly insignificant steps DAILY to become the person you aspire to be & share PIECES of that. Don’t overthink it! Just start! As Chalene said “plan to fail because that’s the ONLY way you’ll learn! Let it be a mess. Do it MESSY” ..But she also gave us SO many tips to reach and help more people & take “selling” out of the picture! Big huge THANK GOODNESS



Fitness & health is my jam; it's what I love to talk about, it's the lifestyle I like to live. My passion was NOT the corporate desk job I went to College for ..but I started with that anyway. This came along and I was a HUGE skeptic! I had all kinds of preconceived notions as to what it was about and what success would entail. I thought in NO way was I a good candidate, I wasn't even on social media!

Well. let me tell you.. this is all cool if you make it cool and it's all learn-able : ) and I teach you how. A fitness & health business isn’t for everyone but so many DO need the built in accountability, our team community, the discount, not to mention the extra income or fulltime income.

I run private groups to explain to you what we do, how we're paid, what it all entails! Just learn if it’s for you.

Let me know if you are interested & you don’t already have a coach by sending me a message here.

Team Hardcore Retreat

Reminiscing about our last team hardcore retreat & how they had to race to complete a grueling team workout & the first team to finish with this group-plank, won.

The winning team is resting behind them But with every team, something about that middle spot automatically made this feel impossible even to the strongest girls

Regardless, these 4 days were SO MUCH FUN & I can’t wait to get the details of the next one worked out

Getting focused on my team training

Getting focused on my team training to help fitness business owners have greater success. I have to get all my thoughts & steps down on paper first

Put yourself in an environment to prosper

And don't wait for that environment, go after it!


• Honestly, I'm in the best "place" I've ever been in my life and I owe that to becoming a Coach.

• Before coaching, I was stressed, over worked and barely making ends meet. Still.. I convinced myself "everything's fine" and really everything was OK, but something was missing.

• I really thought I had no choice but to get my degree and climb the corporate ladder. I wanted to make a solid living and I thought a corporate career was the ONLY way and the best way. Thank God I learned the truth -there was more to life .

• Now I work when I want, where I want, with no boss, no dress code, no office politics , doing what I love , being home when my son gets home from school, being able to put family first, having time for fitness and healthy eating's everything to me to have less stress, more time, big savings & no debt.

• If you've thought about it and then convinced yourself it's not for you, or you're too late, or you can't be successful because you're not like this or that person... you're keeping yourself from an awesome way of life.

• I was the most private, introverted person I knew and not even on Facebook when I started . I'm so thankful I looked into this further.

• It's not for everyone, but it's life-changing for go-givers who are positive people & love giving other's advice in fitness & health.

Message me here if you would like to learn more!

“That’s fine if you won’t block for me…. but don’t tackle me”


Matt & I don't always agree.. in fact, he thinks this post is wayyy too long But I was just thinking how thankful I am to have a husband that supports where we're going with this business & always has.. even when I wasn't successful yet & was investing time & money before any ROI showed up. It was team work to make it work given full time careers while we were new to building this, and on top of trying to be good parents, & having super busy schedules.

I realize not every couple is on the same page pursuing goals & I cringe to see couples struggling with this. I realize some people have family members who are skeptics of what they're pursuing as well.

Peoples' opinions are solely based on their own experiences & they have trouble seeing beyond their own experiences. Even though they love you, it can sting to know they're not supportive. Your beliefs have to be ROCK SOLID to withstand that & move forward.

Sometimes it's that your success or personal growth makes them self-reflect & uncomfortable.

At the Platinum Edge conference, Ray Higdon made a football analogy in regards to spouses not yet on board. He said "that's fine if you won't block for me.... but don't tackle me" ..what are your thoughts on that??

In the case of an unsupportive spouse, I don't know how to turn it around other than be patient, communicate & educate .. but I bet some of YOU have great advice on this topic ...

Beachbody Coach Success

Success is based on learning, applying, & consistent effort

You can't be a successful Beachbody Coach!!

• You'd need a social media following! False
• You'd have to quit your day job! False
• You'd have to be outgoing! False
• You'd need to be a fitness guru! False
• It requires hundreds of dollars to start! False
• The market is saturated! False
• You'd have drink Shakeology. False, ️but I'd recommend it for your own health
• You'd have to be at the top to make money. So False
• You'd have to look like a fitness trainer. Omg, FALSE

Yes, I don't blame you if you thought these things when you found out I was pursuing this or someone you know. But success is based on learning, applying, & consistent effort deeply founded on drive & purpose!

Message me here if you've considered it & want more info

Beachbody Success


Stay consistent and put belief & purpose over fear

We'll be designing a new home gym in the new house, all in one space, whereas now it's broken up into 3 rooms. All because I made a scary decision to build a business that would align with my priorities. Being a stay-at-home mom and having my own fitness business was a dream for me. I couldn't afford to just quit my full time job when I started this business so I had to bust ass to create time to work this.

Matt & I feel blessed to say "started from the bottom now we're here" But it comes down to choices; daily seemingly-insignificant choices that aren't always convenient or comfortable. Most people choose what's SAFE, traditional & convenient.

Thankfully I learned from my dad, a successful entrepreneur, to take some leaps of faith in life and don't take the easy way out.

ANYONE can have huge success in this business if they are consistent and put belief & purpose over fear (mostly fear of judgement & failure)

Then trust in God and the process.

Staying Accountable with my Performance Shift Group!

Why do some people workout consistently... & then just STOP? I'm not judging, I'm just asking what the most common reasons are?

(Fitting in strength 35 & staying accountable with my performance Shift group! )


We’re Moving!

We just bought this house (just 2 miles from where we live now), we've been busy showing our house & starting to move, getting our son ready to start school & football, traveling, preparing to launch our biz in the U.K., helping new coaches start their businesses, & just keeping our heads on straight. It's all amazing & I'm not complaining

My workout locations will really vary over the next couple months until we get our home gym set up.

Thanks for your patience with me