Recipes for fun and healthy food

Half the battle is not buying it!

Honeycrisp Apple & cinnamon for a nighttime snack! I was thissss close to eating something bad but we didn't have anything delicious enough in the house .

Im tellin ya.. if you can have the discipline to NOT buy it, that's more than half the battle

You didn’t gain 5lbs of fat in one weekend

As healthy as I try to eat when traveling, like this cute lil hotel meal from this weekend, it's the lil out-of-norm extras that can add up & leave you feeling like you're starting at square 1 again An unknowingly high sodium restaurant meal, a drink or two, a dessert you wouldn't normally have, coffee stops.. little things add up. Don't stress!!!  even though you may feel like you did.

Do the best you can to make smart choices you won't regret, workout & get back on track ASAP. In fact, I highly recommend the 3-day Refresh. I'm ordering one today.

Grilled Turkey Burger with Salsa, Hummus and Roasted Broccoli

This is Grilled Turkey burger (no special recipe just seasoned with Flavor God, with salsa, hummus & roasted broccoli

Is this ALL I had tonight? No. I had just drank a Chocolate Recover an hour earlier (clean BCAAs & protein) and for dessert, a spoonful of Coconut Butter Spread in Vanilla Cake Batter flavor

What’s your favorite kind of wrap?

What's your favorite kind of wrap?? What brand?

You know I love wraps & am always on the hunt for great wraps that stay together, are so good you can eat them plain, & have quality ingredients.. these NuCo Coconut wraps from Amazon are passing with flying colors

What's IN the wrap to the right? 1/2 Avocado mixed with 2 T plain Greek Yogurt & Tuna, with spinach, tomatoes & feta


You're not avoiding avocados due to their high fat content, are you??

Eating fats doesn't mean it gets STORED as fat. Fats keep you satiated whereas filling up on processed carbs & artificially sweetened food keeps you feeling hungry all day; not to mention nutrition deficiencies & energy crashes.

Matt & I go thru about an avocado a day! Maybe the phrase should be "an avocado a day keeps the Doctor away"

It's the TRANS fats that are bad.

Veggie Wrap with Hummus

Lunch with my boy! 💕 got a veggie wrap with hummus🌯.

After all I've read about the carcinogens in processed meat, I just avoid it all together now. In fact, I rarely eat meat now. I never was a big meat eater anyway. I'm not 💯 % vegan (we get some grass-finished products from Butcher Box grass-finished products) but I kinda eat like one

Salad with EVOO & Red Wine Vinegar

This salad was 👌🏼

Dressing: EVOO + Red Wine Vinegar (a healthy, quick dressing tip I got from @angieinprogress )

Clean Treats

These cleantreats were SO good! Feel free to share!

It made 6 but Matt & I each had already ate one! 🙌🏼

RECIPE (you could double it):
•2 Tbsp Vanilla Almond Milk
•1 Tbsp Almond Butter
•2 Tbsp Coconut Oil
•1 Serving Shakeology (I like chocolate vegan)

Mix in a bowl, form into 6 balls & freeze for at least 1 hour. Perfect sweet, nutritious, no sugar added, clean treat👌🏼for you & the family!

Tuna Salad on Coconut Wraps

This was Tuna salad on coconut wraps (by NuCo on Amazon).

In the Tuna Salad: Wild Planet brand Wild Caught Tuna, 1/2 Avocado & 2 T of Feta Cucumber Dip (sold Fresh Thyme Market here in Toledo).

It made enough for 3 wraps so I gave one to Matt. He thinks a 6'5" guy should get the 2🤔I think I could've eaten 3 😆but I was nice to share😇 & he should be grateful☝🏼

Yep... i think I really like these 🤔 Do you?

They're not SO sweet & high in sugar that you throw yourself off track eating an entire bag. They're just crunchy & just-enough-sweetness, in my opinion. We bought them at our local "Fresh Market" but I bet you could order online too