limit splurges

Limit splurges to times that are actually worth it

Take out chopped salad from Subway with egg whites as the protein.

Don't judge .. I know subway's veggies aren't organic but Subway is 2 seconds from our house & until our temporary kitchen is set up during this construction, things like this will get me & the family thru!

It would've been easy to just order a sub with cheese, high sodium meat & fluffy white bread .. but I'm glad I refrained There will be times I splurge (like probably tonight) but limiting splurges to times that are actually worth it, is key

limit splurges

Tempeh –a yes or a no for you?

Tempeh --a yes or a no for you??

It's a bit chewy/soft & takes on whatever taste YOU season it with. I cut it into small cubes, put in a skillet with EVOO or coconut oil, & I usually flavor it with Flavor God & Liquid Bragg's Aminos.

I give it about 5 min or so to heat and brown. You can put it on anything but I love it in salads & tacos

Avocado Ranch

If I'm not feeling like having a salad, I just take this out of the fridge... "avocado ranch" is all I need to inspire me

Tempeh Wrap

This was all on a "NuCo" Coconut wrap (sold on Amazon), tempeh, organic white cheddar cheese slice, tomato, & edamame hummus (store bought but so good).

Just missing avocado !!  Mine weren't ripe yet


Lunch! (Chicken Kale Salad)

LUNCH! And I cheated! I just put left over Chicken Kale salad from Balance Grill with store bought Greek yogurt Dill Dip on toasted Ezekiel!

So quick & SO good!

That Opadipity Greek Dip was the KEY