Salads From Home

You like?!
Salads from home are the BEST! This is avocado, veggie burger chunks, the sweet potato hash left over from yesterday, and feta cheese! I used a Tessemae dressing.

Taco With NuCo Coconut Wraps

Taco using the NuCo Coconut wraps sold on Amazon!! You can barely see it in the sunlight but it’s there! They’re organic, raw, vegan, non GMO, GF & only 6g carbs. No added sugar or salt. And yes, it holds all this without breaking

Bret’s Salad

So awesome to have Chalene & Bret here!! Bret made this amazing salad ! I added avocado & tessemaes avocado dressing to mine

Gimme all the avocado


Wild Planet Tuna With Hummus

This is Wild Planet tuna with stone ground mustard & hummus on a toasted Ezekiel muffin

Veggie burger with Cucumber Feta Dip

What’s the approach to eating you prefer?? IIFYM, 131 Diet , Vegan, Paleo, Whole30, HFLC, Portion Fix, Intuitive, 80/20 rule… ? Or clueless?

Btw, this was SO good! Veggie burger with Cucumber Feta Dip & tomatoes on toasted Ezekiel muffin

limit splurges

Limit splurges to times that are actually worth it

Take out chopped salad from Subway with egg whites as the protein.

Don’t judge .. I know subway’s veggies aren’t organic but Subway is 2 seconds from our house & until our temporary kitchen is set up during this construction, things like this will get me & the family thru!

It would’ve been easy to just order a sub with cheese, high sodium meat & fluffy white bread .. but I’m glad I refrained There will be times I splurge (like probably tonight) but limiting splurges to times that are actually worth it, is key

limit splurges

Tempeh –a yes or a no for you?

Tempeh –a yes or a no for you??

It’s a bit chewy/soft & takes on whatever taste YOU season it with. I cut it into small cubes, put in a skillet with EVOO or coconut oil, & I usually flavor it with Flavor God & Liquid Bragg’s Aminos.

I give it about 5 min or so to heat and brown. You can put it on anything but I love it in salads & tacos

Avocado Ranch

If I’m not feeling like having a salad, I just take this out of the fridge… “avocado ranch” is all I need to inspire me

Tempeh Wrap

This was all on a “NuCo” Coconut wrap (sold on Amazon), tempeh, organic white cheddar cheese slice, tomato, & edamame hummus (store bought but so good).

Just missing avocado !!  Mine weren’t ripe yet


Lunch! (Chicken Kale Salad)

LUNCH! And I cheated! I just put left over Chicken Kale salad from Balance Grill with store bought Greek yogurt Dill Dip on toasted Ezekiel!

So quick & SO good!

That Opadipity Greek Dip was the KEY