Gut Health

Are you less & less tempted to eat junk or ANYTHING processed after listening to my sister's recent podcasts with the gut health experts talking about how that impacts our ability to absorb nutrients and ability to lose fat?

All the talk of processed foods & foods that essentially turn to sugar, fueling the bad bacteria in your gut making us more susceptible to bloating, fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, disease, cancer and making our bodies more prone to holding onto unecessary FAT.. ughh Definitely makes it easier to want to eat healthier, right ?!

Anyway.. I'm never perfect but always trying to fight that urge to just order pizza & eat chocolate. I mean ..once in a while ...FOR SURE

This was Tempeh, sliced sweet potatoes w/cinnamon, avocado, & baba ganoush! Baba Ganoush is very similar tasting to hummus. I just sliced the tempeh & put in the pan with olive oil (I usually prefer coconut oil & Braggs liquid aminos instead of low sodium soy but couldn't find it since renovating our kitchen).

Protein Sources

Protein Sources

This is a question I get asked a LOT, so I thought I'd share

What are your go-tos?

 Protein Sources

intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting

Make that "did it anyway" ..Monday is complete Day 3 of trying Intermittent Fasting.

I'm trying out a 8 hour eating window. I really do NOT know if this will be something I'll want to continue or not ..after hearing & reading some research on the health of it, I'm just going to give it a shot & see how I feel with it. If over time it makes me feel too restricted, I'll stop. I don't want to live my life feeling too restricted.. even if it means I'll never have a 6-pack.

Last time I tried it, I only made it 3hrs... so 3 days is a PR

intermittent fasting


You're not avoiding avocados due to their high fat content, are you??

Eating fats doesn't mean it gets STORED as fat. Fats keep you satiated whereas filling up on processed carbs & artificially sweetened food keeps you feeling hungry all day; not to mention nutrition deficiencies & energy crashes.

Matt & I go thru about an avocado a day! Maybe the phrase should be "an avocado a day keeps the Doctor away"

It's the TRANS fats that are bad.

Gut Health

You DO know that if you're sweating it out & eating healthy consistently and STILL not seeing any results, it could be you've developed a gut health problem! The now-very-common "Leaky Gut" due to our current environmental conditions & what's in our foods now (which was SO different for the generations before us) could be what's causing your body to hold onto weight & generally making you feel bleh!

Find out what could be causing the bloating, the weight gain or inability go lose, or the general feeling that something is off. I've said it before, but it's worth saying again ...please listen to "The Chalene Show" , specifically podcasts # 239, 240, 241 & 242 !!! Even if you're not worried about weight loss but have interest in things like inflammation, probiotics & other supplements, hormone issues, and cancer, you must hear 239-242.

Listen every morning as you get ready💄 or while you drive 🚙 Please feel free to tag someone who also cares about their health & the health of others ☝🏼

Improve Your Trouble Zones

Seeing some definition in these legs is super surprising but exciting to me. It only shows up in certain lights though!😏 My legs and booty are where my body stores fat, then it goes to my abs... my arms pretty much stay on the leaner side. ☝🏼Where your body stores fat & tends to build muscle more easily is a matter of GENETICS. But even given genetics, you can certainly still significantly *improve* the appearance of your "trouble zones" with nutrition & training & patience!


Be In Tune With Your Body

What's your workout today friends??

I'm trying some easy incline push-ups & some Lunges in the kitchen. I'm not myself yet but I think I'm ready for a light workout today or tomorrow👏🏼.

Always just do what you can & according to Doctors orders. Get out of the all or nothing mentality. If you're injured or recovering from something, be in tune with your body and just do what makes sense. In most cases, using your muscles is good, so do something☝🏼

“How do I lose weight in my lower abdominal region???”

I am constantly asked "How do I lose weight in my lower abdominal region???". I felt I needed to explain this topic fully so I made this video for you. Check it out.


Top 10 Things Hindering your Results

Any of these have YOU struggling ??

There are of course others that affect some people more, but these are the top 10 I've experienced myself over the years & in my experience helping others achieve results. Dial in to your problem(s) & commit to your solutions👍🏼 Msg me if you need help & don't already have a coach you're working with.

Top 10 Things that hinder your results

You’re not the kind to settle

Keep not settlingWhat keeps holding you back??
Stress? Time? Food? Wine? Work??

Making progress is all about making changes!
Your past and current situation only affects your progress as much as YOU let it.


Identify the triggers that stop you from making progress, create an action plan, and commit !👊