You’re worth the work

It's going to take time, but it's going to be WORTH it!! You're worth the work

Focus on the purpose of the message, not the fear

How do you feel about public speaking??

It used to terrify me! Here I am today prepping for my weekly Wednesday team call & thousands will watch the recording. I don't get nervous any more, just excited & really focused on what I have to share. Focus on the purpose of the message, not the fear. If I can do this, any one can!

positive mindset

Protect Your Positive Mindset

So true, right?

I have a lot of weaknesses but one thing I'm pretty good at is protecting my positive mindset. It's a skill like anything else ️To do that, I try to only look back if it is to look back on what I could've done better/differently; but it's a glance not a focus. What someone else did may be inspiring to me ..but not necessarily relevant to MY path.

The FOCUS has to be on what's in front of us now

positive mindset

Don’t be afraid to fail


I like to think I'm NoT afraid of failure, but when my creativity is lacking, I'm just now realizing the bottom line is, I'm just not taking ACTION on my thoughts & visions due to fear or diving into the unknown. I just realized how true this quote is!

Social Media Money Makers

Had a great call with one of my coaches who's striving to build her business to the point it's out-earning her full time career. I've been there & know that drive! I know it's not easy when you're a mom working fulltime. It fuels me to know others have that fire in them to make this happen for themselves too! That's what I want for my coaches.. to equip them to build a business as big as their heart desires.. it's all a direct correlation to how many lives you are impacting .

Btw, I'm SO excited im the featured interview on Brock's podcast! On the podcast app, search "Social Media Money Makers" -my feature releases tomorrow! I highly recommended you subscribe to that podcast if you own or WANT to own a successful business

Please let me know if you hear my interview and found it helpful

Social Media Money Makers

Stay consistent and put belief & purpose over fear

We'll be designing a new home gym in the new house, all in one space, whereas now it's broken up into 3 rooms. All because I made a scary decision to build a business that would align with my priorities. Being a stay-at-home mom and having my own fitness business was a dream for me. I couldn't afford to just quit my full time job when I started this business so I had to bust ass to create time to work this.

Matt & I feel blessed to say "started from the bottom now we're here" But it comes down to choices; daily seemingly-insignificant choices that aren't always convenient or comfortable. Most people choose what's SAFE, traditional & convenient.

Thankfully I learned from my dad, a successful entrepreneur, to take some leaps of faith in life and don't take the easy way out.

ANYONE can have huge success in this business if they are consistent and put belief & purpose over fear (mostly fear of judgement & failure)

Then trust in God and the process.

You learn the fastest from failure

It's not about ideas as much as it is about making ideas happen! Right ?!

Don't be afraid to get it all wrong. You learn the fastest from failure.

Unplug for a few minutes

True story, right?!

OUTTA control appetite!

I had an OUTTA control appetite earlier today & had to really rein it in. Ever have that ?

Some days are just like that; I think it's called human nature.

Don’t let someone’s opinion cloud your view


Don't get me wrong, I'm all for being open to new perspectives and opinions but when you're bummed out about a negative comment or one that you just completely disagree with, I think it helps to just say "well they haven't experienced what I have" or maybe it's "they don't know ME or what I've overcome" but either way, don't let others' opinions hold you back! Right ??