What to do when your desired outcome doesn’t happen

Sometimes what causes stress is the vision in our head that the outcome or path is supposed to look a certain way & when it doesn't, stress or fear sets in.

If it's in your control, prioritize it, problem-solve it, prepare for it, and pray. Let the rest fall into place - you're doing your best & you're not giving up!

If it's not in your control, just pray and have Faith the outcome/path was the one that was meant for you, for reasons you may not understand yet. Give yourself time & grace to roll with it

It’s okay to protect your energy


I love this for my own reminder so I shared it with my team tonight & thought I'd share it with u all as well .

If you don't protect your energy/happiness/mindset, you'll also risk negatively impacting your health, your relationships, your fitness, your message, your self confidence & more.

Let go of the fear of judgment when you need to protect your energy

Super fit even with doctor’s restrictions

I finally got another pic of Matt! 😁

He's proof you can be super fit even if your Doctor tells you you're not supposed to do any more HIIT workouts or heavy lifting 😨..which is what he always did! He found out a couple years ago he has a genetic issue with his heart valve ..but that hasn't stopped him from the cardio & lifting that he CAN do, within the Dr's guidelines.

He has to stick to *steady+ state* cardio, light weights w/high reps (but the key is he goes to true muscle failure) & NUTRITION. He's a cleaner eater than me (& it shows!😆)

Keep Things Simple

I get stress, anxiety, fear, overwhelm like anyone else but one thing I have learned is to drown out negativity, excuses, & anything that may distract my top priorities that keep me happy & feeling balanced.

Know what you want, believe you can achieve it, pray about it, be a student who learns AND quickly applies even in the presence of fear, & don't let others' opinions deter you. I tend to WAY overthink things & then WAY UNDERthink other things!

But I've learned to keep things as SIMPLE as possible and protect my positive mindset more than ANYTHING & just be grateful

But that said, it honestly can FIRST get very complicated to keep things simple; i.e saying no, making sacrifices, taking chances, embracing the unknown, making changes in your schedule, ditching the need for perfectionism, making changes in your lifestyle, hiring help, etc., ..these are all very hard & complicated but sooooooo worth it to have the simple things in life that make you happy

We cannot take our health or life for granted

Sooo sore today from doing my own leg day workout (search #jenelleslegday on IG) with Jen yesterday that when I did Turbo 40, I had to force myself to make it thru even 20 minutes & then I figured that was good enough cardio for the day.

I just wanted to at least be warmed up enough to do a massive stretch sesh. My glutes felt like they had metal plates in them & my legs felt like bricks.

I wanted to stop 5 minutes in but then I thought of all the exercisers out there who are injured, handicapped, have genetic debilitating conditions, are recovering from something, etc & they fight thru it. So I just did what I could. I can only IMAGINE what some people go thru daily.

I talked to an incredible woman last night who suffers DAILY to do the most minor things, but she still modifies thru her BB workouts - such an inspiration! It's like my dad, he lost his leg in a motorcycle accident; things we do daily will always be a struggle for him. But he doesn't complain & he does SO much!

I'm just reminding myself & others, we really CANNOT take any part of our health or life for granted. It's true that what you take for granted daily, someone else is praying for.

You don’t gain anything from stressing

Really, what good does it do to stress/dwell on something?

Pray, do your best, and let the rest fall into place where it's supposed to.

Thank you @ power of speech on IG for this simple truth!!

What makes someone an “athlete”?

What makes someone an "athlete", in your opinion??

All I know is ...ballerinas - the excellent ones - are amazing athletes. I need to watch the documentary of Misty Copeland!

I know a bit about her story & I've been told I'll be able to relate to the "you can't make it as a ballerina" line I was fed too! I love that Oxygen featured her as an athlete & healthy role model ! Can't wait to read this!

5 Habits You Should Adopt

5 Habits You Should Adopt:

1. Listening to a podcast, training or personal development while you get ready in the morning
2. Making a to-do list every day, at a specific time
3. Stop comparing, judging & assuming
4. That negative self-talk in your head... repetitively tell yourself the OPPOSITE .
5. Take action on what's in your control, everything else..let it go

Your journey begins at the end of your comfort zone

I love the quote "your journey begins at the end of your comfort zone" because it's SO true!!!

When you hear yourself saying "that didn't feel right to me, so I stopped" ask yourself if it was simply because you were finally making a change - stepping outside your comfort zone- and since that is HARD and uncomfortable, you legitimized the "I quit".

I'm not saying it's always the case. But too often I see people (& myself included) giving up on things because "it didn't feel right" when in fact, anything outside your comfort zone, anything new/unknown, doesn't really feel good for awhile ..and yet that's where the magic happens💫.

Stop Comparing to Others

Soo.. what is this pose called anyway ??

Regardless.. my point is, attitude & self confidence is freakin everything, right?

Whether it pertains to your fitness, your business, your career, etc., you have to get in YOUR lane and run your own race. Shift your mindset to one of appreciating the chance to learn so much on the journey.

p.s. Even though I don't know what this pose is called, I like it