Make Small Changes

It’s kinda amazing what happens when you make small, but somewhat dreaded, changes to what you do daily.

I say “somewhat dreaded” bcuz idk about you but i really don’t LOVE making changes, I kinda love my comfort zone & staying with a routine .

But I *know* in fitness, in nutrition, in business, in parenting, we have to try new things ALL THE TIME. It feels like a risk and it IS. But this is the difference between working hard & working smart. You can work hard & play everything “safe” within your comfort zone and you’ll probably do ok.. for a bit anyway. Eventually you may feel stuck/bored/exhausted.

To work smarter & get unstuck, you have to open your mind to new and different ways and have the drive and courage to take steps out of your comfort zone, admit to the solve-able problem you’re using as a story to justify your fear of the alternative.

People who are inspiring, in my opinion, are the people who take risks, aren’t trying to fit a mold, they lead the way, they do what others won’t, they show what’s possible starting at ground zero.

I’m aiming to do that & sometimes falling short, but I can assure you I don’t stop aiming for it & I hope you don’t either

If you are an introvert…

It’s no secret that I’m a TOTAL homebody (rare footage of me out of hibernation) and a total introvert. When I was little, I thought that meant I lacked confidence & had no personality. I thought that’s what people thought of me. What I’ve learned is that the way people perceive you is much more likely to match how YOU perceive yourself and how you treat others.

Just something to keep in mind if you’re an introvert too! Or, if one of your kids is an introvert, make sure they know it has nothing to do with confidence or personality

Finish your first month of 2018 strong

5 things to finish your first month of 2018 strong, aside from getting in your daily workouts.
Which one is your struggle if any??

1. Stop buying tempting foods/drinks for the house
2. Hide/pitch the ones you already bought
3. Know your meal plan/approach & map out 2 week’s meals on paper
4. Be on your BEST BEHAVIOR grocery shopping!
5. Limit eating out & drinking, unless it’s truly a special occasion. Yes, if you live in a health conscious area, SOME restaurants are very healthy but typically portion sizes are still too large & lots of hidden sugars & ingredients.

p.s. results come from being “good” consistently not from being perfect all the time.. (perfection goals aren’t healthy or sustainable). How “good” and how consistent you are will dictate your results. Good isn’t defined by comparing to someone else. Good is defined as a comparison to what YOU normally do. Results come from PERSONAL progress with nutrition & workouts. So aim to consistently make better choices you don’t normally make.

Prove them wrong

It’s unfortunate ..but there may be people watching that don’t think you’re capable. They think you won’t keep it up and you won’t see it thru!

You’ll start off your year excited but then when it’s not easy, you’ll give up. How can you let people underestimate you like that?! Unfortunately they may even be the people you love most! It’s ok, their opinion is based on their past experience. It’s not based on reality of the fire within you and your unique strengths.

Am I right or am I right?!

Your goals don’t care

Discipline is about removing the desires, habits, thoughts & triggers that derail you so that you can stay laser focused on your goals & actions, even when you’re not feelin’ it

If you need visual reminders, make a vision board.

If you need words of affirmation, put a quote on your fridge/mirror/laptop (whatever)

If you need HELP, hire help!

People will judge no matter WHAT you do, so you might as well do what brings you a little closer everyday to life you want.


2018 Goals

2018 Goals (I think it helps to make them public for accountability):

1. Increase unplugged family time at night
2. Mentor 10 new coaches to hit Diamond & $1000/month
3. Mentor at least 10 existing Coaches to hit a 6-figure income (yes, most also work full time )
4. Run a 5K (& win )
5. Coach at least 120 women to their healthiest, fittest & best versions of themselves (10 women per month)
6. Create time for 3 vacations
7. Improve gut health & continue self-testing #131movement
8. Implement a new “Getting Started Right” system for my new Coaches
9. Walk the dogs daily once it gets warmer
10.Achieve 8th year as a Top 25 Elite team 
11. Go “LIVE” more to help others

Are you spending time learning?

What are your podcasts?

If you feel stuck & unmotivated, it might be because you’re not spending time LEARNING .

No new information is coming in, therefore no new thoughts are coming out It’s so easy to get stuck in excuses instead of EXCITED due to new perspective. I spend hours each week learning new things thru podcasts, trainings, googling answers, & observing what works for me and what works for others. I listen to something new every morning as I get ready for the day & while I’m doing anything that’s mindless.

Mindset is Everything

I’d change that shirt to “Healthy, Happy Family = Happy Mom!

IDK about you but if the rest of the family is struggling in any way, I feel inner torment and stress.. big time. I know things can’t always be rainbows and unicorns, I’m just being honest,… if Matt and Tyler aren’t doing well in some way, I’m not doing well.
And yah, the 3 dogs have that impact on me too.. lol
Right ??

Being healthy and fit can definitely improve how adults AND kids feel about themselves. It helps their mood, their sleep, their confidence, their brain function, etc etc.

I don’t know about your kid(s) but I personally think finding foods that the whole family WANTS to eat, that aren’t ALL carbs, is challenging! We NEED carbs, but we don’t need unlimited carbs or processed carbs …and neither do our kids. But.. it can be tough especially with busy schedules! Matt and I are NOT perfect eaters ourselves but we eat about 80-90% clean and workout consistently. But it’s NOT been easy to keep our son on track however, I’m pretty proud of how we’ve done so far.

I’ll never forget when one of his friend’s parents introduced him to a REAL happy meal from McDonalds! Umm… we had faked the whole “happy meal” thing and we were getting away with it for awhile , but all it takes is a little exposure to certain foods and before you know it, that’s EXACTLY what they ask for. It’s BOUND to happen but Ughhhhh (sure, i know a little isn’t going to hurt anyone, I just mean “ugh, we can’t let this become a habit”).

I know the feeling of a being in a BIND and you’ll grab the goldfish or order the pizza.. believe me, been there, done that! Guilty! But along the way, I learned lots of tips, tricks and the discipline of parenting, to raise a pretty healthy, happy fit kid!

Unfortunately what’s marketed as healthy and “all natural” might have 50g of sugar. Natural doesn’t equal healthy or balanced nutrition that supports HEALTH or a healthy WEIGHT.

Think pretzels, crackers, yogurts, goldfish, granola bars, enriched flour sandwiches, high sugar juices, chips, etc. It’s everywhere! The whole family needs to be on the same page – but guess what.. you can do that and make them feel like it’s on THEIR terms! Mindset/perspective is everything!


Cut the self-sabotage & go after it imperfectly

Did you know I started out on IG by ONLY showing food pics?

I wanted to wait until I felt comfortable posting pics of myself. Unless you knew me personally, you wouldn’t have connected with my account because you wouldn’t have had ANY idea who the person was posting .. all you saw was food & ingredients in the caption. Then I realized I was only going to get comfortable doing it by actually DOING it So I posted some pics looking to the side & from a distance steps.. but it started to get a little easier. I didn’t care as much what kind of impression I was making but instead focused on what kind of IMPACT I was making.

Then everyone starting posting videos & in watching some of the fitness gurus do this, I thought I’d wait until I had a defined 6-pack like them. I’ve been a fitness instructor & personal trainer on the side for YEARS, I thought I couldn’t possibly put a video up until I looked like that vision in my head.

Now I laugh at this because WHO CARES if I had 5lbs to lose or 200.. inspiring others is about showing the journey- the ups AND the downs, & the progress for whomever happens to relate. It’s that voice in our heads that says it needs to all be a certain way & look a certain way from day 1 ..& that voice lies!

I quickly realized my ability to help other women like me & build a successful business for my family, would be halted by my own fear of judgement.. a selfish reason to wait in my opinion.

So what I’m trying to say is, if you’ve also caught yourself saying “I’ll do ____ once I have _____” stop & ask yourself who or what purpose you’re serving by waiting.

Timing & situations are NEVER perfect, so stop trying to kid yourself.

I’m SO glad I got out of my own head & took some leaps of faith

Truth is, posting pics & videos are still sometimes uncomfortable, but it’s a very SMALL price to pay for the fulfillment I get from being able to be a stay-at-home mom now, helping so many of you& all the rewards of this business.

Cut the self-sabotage & go after it imperfectly! So many new doors will open!

Keep your head in the game

Just an in-progress picture for accountability. Hope you don’t mind me sharing what’s on my mind with this ……

My shoulders have atrophied due to not as much *quality* time lifting & I know that but I’m working to get them back! You can’t expect to be with EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME.. with your family, your faith, your work, your happiness, your you-time, your fitness & your nutrition .. be realistic; you’ll have phases & stages. Do the best you can in each one & truly be in-the-moment when doing each thing!

But “balance” in my opinion does not mean everything gets equal time & attention all the time. Balance means you’re able to quickly adjust so the right things get attention at the right times because you’re disciplined to prioritize & act according to what’s best for you & your family. Give yourself a break !

While I hate to lose ANY muscle, I realize I feel AMAZING as far as my overall fitness & health I’ve accomplished and pushed thru a lot this year that could’ve started a downward spiral ——huge remodel/construction in our house (living in our basement for ~6 months), tumor removed from behind my ear & skull, selling a house, buying a house, MOVING ( ), & a gastroc tear 4 wks ago … on top of just trying to be the best mom, wife & business owner I can be

Everyone’s dealing with stuff ALL THE TIME. Keep your head in the game & just be grateful for all the lessons and blessings