1. What to Focus on First

2. New Coach Checklist

4. Success Club Details

5. Basic Terms to Know

Active vs Inactive

  • An active coach is one who buys OR sells 50PV worth of Beachbody products every 5 weeks. One of the easiest ways to maintain “active” status is to be on Shakeology Home Direct (autoship every month).
  • An inactive coach is just the opposite – one who has not bought or sold 50PV in the last 5 weeks.

Personal Volume (PV) and Team Volume (TV)

  • PV – Accrues from sales activity that the Coach initiates—a Coach purchasing for themselves and/or a Coach selling to their own customers
  • TV – Accrues from sales activity initiated by a Coach’s downline Coaches—a downline Coach purchasing products for themselves and/or selling to their customers

Club Membership

  • The club membership is the premium Beachbody membership. With this membership you get access to Beachbody On Demand, VIP training tips and videos, a personalized meal planner, and more. The cost of the Premium Club Membership is $38.95 quarterly.The club membership may be changing eventually due to Beachbody On Demand and the amount of programs they are offering online, BUT for now the price is the same at $38.95 quarterly – and you may actually be locked in at that price.

Downline Coach

  • You can have coaches added “under” you who are not your actual personally sponsored coaches. These are coaches added by other coaches within your upline. You’ll see them added to your downline but they will not be listed as your personally sponsored. These coaches can benefit you as far as team volume, but they can never negatively impact you.
  • A personally sponsored coach is a coach who signs up directly on your website to be on your team.

Team Bonus

This video will explain the Team Bonus

Super Saturday

  • Four times a year, thousands of Team Beachbody Coaches come together from cities all around the country and Canada for a training-focused Team meeting. The meeting looks back at past successes and takes action for the next quarter. Super Saturday meetings always start by celebrating individual Coach and Team successes. A corporate video is created with highlights of the last quarter plus key announcements for the next 90 days.


  • Summit is an annual Summer event where coaches from all over the country and Canada gather for 3 days of trainings, celebrity trainer workouts, special events and parties, and crazy awesome motivation. New Coaches can earn free Summit tickets by earning Success Club in their first full 3 months as a coach.

6. Power Hour

7. Critical Core Activities

8. Team Bonus

9. Preferred Placement