How is your day so far?

What emojis describe your day so far?! 💻

My morning routine. Non jittery low-dose caffeine pre-workout that helps me actually START (versus putting it off) & helps me push harder. And my post workout with 20g protein and 4g BCAAs. (I use Energize & Recover.)

What was your wod?

7 Reps! PR Today was a low impact version of Fire30 + biceps + triceps!

What was your wod?!

You didn’t gain 5lbs of fat in one weekend

As healthy as I try to eat when traveling, like this cute lil hotel meal from this weekend, it’s the lil out-of-norm extras that can add up & leave you feeling like you’re starting at square 1 again An unknowingly high sodium restaurant meal, a drink or two, a dessert you wouldn’t normally have, coffee stops.. little things add up. Don’t stress!!!  even though you may feel like you did.

Do the best you can to make smart choices you won’t regret, workout & get back on track ASAP. In fact, I highly recommend the 3-day Refresh. I’m ordering one today.

Speed 35 (Shift Shop)

Annnd done! What did you do today?!

I was going to do cardio & a mini leg day but Speed 35 covered both!

Staying Accountable with my Performance Shift Group!

Why do some people workout consistently… & then just STOP? I’m not judging, I’m just asking what the most common reasons are?

(Fitting in strength 35 & staying accountable with my performance Shift group! )


No-Show Sock Test

“I may look happy on the outside but deep down, on the inside of my shoe, my sock is falling off” ~unknown

In all seriousness though, the winner of my no-show sock test are the Stance brand of “Super Invisible” socks & the Lorna Jane brand of “Secret Socks” They don’t show AT ALL *and* they don’t fall down (on me anyway)


Mid-way thru a piyoflip ☺️

Will I see you at the Friday morning PiYo workout Chalene’s teaching at Coach Summit??

All You Need to Know about Shift Shop

One of my top coaches (& also one of my closest friends) Cory did a review of the new program that’s coming – Shift Shop.  Click below for the review!


Cardio Intervals

If you like drill-style, athletic workouts, you’ll like the new Shift Shop workouts launching soon!

Who here does PiYo?

Who here does PiYo or has been seeing it on TV?!

Some of the moves from PiYo “Define: Upper Body” this morning… with some PiYoFlip added in because it’s my favorite & a more fun way to work on my back & shoulder flexibility