No-Show Sock Test

"I may look happy on the outside but deep down, on the inside of my shoe, my sock is falling off" ~unknown

In all seriousness though, the winner of my no-show sock test are the Stance brand of "Super Invisible" socks & the Lorna Jane brand of "Secret Socks" They don't show AT ALL *and* they don't fall down (on me anyway)


Mid-way thru a piyoflip ☺️

Will I see you at the Friday morning PiYo workout Chalene's teaching at Coach Summit??

All You Need to Know about Shift Shop

One of my top coaches (& also one of my closest friends) Cory did a review of the new program that's coming - Shift Shop.  Click below for the review!


Cardio Intervals

If you like drill-style, athletic workouts, you'll like the new Shift Shop workouts launching soon!

Who here does PiYo?

Who here does PiYo or has been seeing it on TV?!

Some of the moves from PiYo "Define: Upper Body" this morning... with some PiYoFlip added in because it's my favorite & a more fun way to work on my back & shoulder flexibility

Who got their workout in already?!

Matt and I just finished RipSanity, which was the Day 5 workout of Shaun T's "Shaun Week" on Beachbody on Demand.

This has been such a great series of workouts that are tough 🤤, which I love!!

If you don't have Beachbody on Demand (BOD) & a coach, I highly recommend that. Who doesn't need accountability? Even trainers need accountability. Who doesn't need a tough workout they can do anywhere at anytime?

Ring Light

Ring lightOn Mondays I usually go from workout to live webinar (and now at the pool)... But I couldn't do without the immediate glowing & skin smoothing affects of my Ring Light!

If you do videos, training, ..anything on camera, I highly recommend one! I'm about to buy another one for the cottage since we plan to spend a lot of time there this summer. I don't sell these nor am I affiliated with them in any way but I *do* know someone with a discount code.

From the AMAZING "fairy Glam Mother" aka Coach Glitter aka Tiffany Bymaster: the exact link for the set that I created that comes with everything including stand & phone holders, plus they always throw in an extra something with my discount code

p.s. I hear you can get them cheaper elsewhere, but I hear they're crap



The QVC PiYo Crew!!! Chalene KILLED it on QVC!
Did you see when Chalene made us hold "punter" on one side for like 1000 reps?! 🙄
And in case you don't know these amazingly inspirational people.. From left Steve Dunn, Holly Giuliano, of course Chalene Johnson, me, and the 2 women with AMAZING transformation success stories... Karen Stein Hulings, & Melinda Kulick!!

QVCQVC ready

QVC 2QVC Sisters



I don't have one of these yet😳!

Lighting makes a HUGE difference in your pics!

Check this out & share too! 👍

CIZE Salad

🍴I'm part of the CIZE test group & I'm following the meal guidelines (pretty similar to how I already eat). Feeling AWESOME so far!
I know the most FAQ will be "dressing?" so here's the scoop on that (20 burpees if u don't read): I used a light balsamic vinaigrette this time, store-bought;nothin special (instead of just red wine vinegar & oil). I felt this salad needed some help💥 given the lack of Feta that I love!😉 There's nitrate-free, low sodium turkey breast & I ended up adding more ! 🙌

CIZE salad