3 Round Workout

THIS IS 3 ROUNDS ..but modify as YOU know your body & fitness best. Not sure if you can see the fine print, but those tricep push-ups can be done on your knees!

Be sure to warm up first!

Kettlebell WOD

Read closely: 3 ROUNDS of this Tag your gym buddy!

I used a 35lb kettlebell but only YOU know what weight is right for you Most start with a 15-26lb kettlebell.

Be sure to warm up beforehand & cooldown and stretch afterwards

Sore abs and I love it

You know what LISS stands for right?

That’s what I needed today (backday ). So sore today still from Friday’s workout (hope you’re checking my IG stories ) so a nice easy jog to loosen up was needed!

My abs are so sore, it feels like my ribs are broken & for some reason I love it

Fasted Cardio

Fasted cardio this morning! Do YOU do fasted cardio??

I know many of you do that DAILY & that's cool too; it's just not part of MY normal routine since I normally workout at 9am. I do fasted cardio like once a week.

Ideally (and I say this with caution because I don't think it's helpful to get SO caught up in the rules that you end up not working out or not as hard) but *ideally*, if it's an intense HIIT or strength workout, you should have fuel in you that you've allowed to digest an hour or so, in order for your body to still burn stored fat versus burning muscle.

So fasted workouts truly are most effective if they're steady-state cardio. I did a 30min spin

fasted cardio

fat burn

Increase your fat burning metabolism

Has lifting changed your shape?! Which program, if any, made the difference for you?

Don't wait until you've lost a certain amount of weight to start lifting & lifting intensely. The added muscle will increase your fat burning metabolism, among countless other benefits

 fat burn

My first time climbing a rope & I loved it!

I'm on a rope!!
My first time climbing a rope & I loved it! Check that off my secret bucket list What's on yours?? I won't tell ..
first time on a rope
Foam rolling

Foam rolling … do you do it?

Foam rolling .. do you do it?

Feeling it's necessary after doing a HIIT that involved deadlifts & Burpees PLUS Sagi's leg day!   And I learned that even MODIFIED pistols are so hard for me

People that can do pistols make it look so easy. I don't get it

Foam rolling

Mini Leg Day

What was your Saturday workout?

My Mini Leg Day looked like this:
25 min's of row/spin intervals,

Then 4 rounds of ....

  • Hamstring curls on stability ball
  • Jumping deep lunges
  • Romanian Deadlifts
  • Hip thrusts on stability ball.
  • Weighted Walking Lunges

Reps were anywhere from 12-18 today; whatever it takes to achieve muscle failure in each set. Again, 4 rounds of the above. I focused more on isolating glutes & hamstrings specifically since our squat rack isn't set up yet.

Don’t Give Up Fighting that Negative Voice in Your Head

When I feel like overeating, skipping a workout (for no reason), or just going thru the motions (just because), I remind myself those seemingly insignificant actions will have a significant compound negative effect on my fitness.

Can you relate??

It won't show up today, but the bad habits start to show up in how you feel, how you think, how you perform & then how you look. You can't give up fighting that negative voice in your head trying to distract & deter your discipline. Train your brain to shut it down & instead repeat all the ridiculously POSITIVE thoughts

Speed 35 (Shift Shop)

Annnd done! What did you do today?!

I was going to do cardio & a mini leg day but Speed 35 covered both!