4 Rounds – Quick Cardio Interval

Quick Cardio Interval :


20 Burpees w/25lb plate (it rests on another 25lb plate)
20 Speed Skaters (right + left = 1)
20 Dumbbell Thrusters (I used 20’s)
20 Weighted Sumo Squat Jumps

Be sure to warm up first!!

What strength training workout did you do today?

What strength training workout did you do today??

Got mine in & I’ll be doing a turbo rehearsal with some friends tonight for my cardio!

4 Drill Cardio Interval

Who’s game for this quick cardio interval??

You could add it after your strength training workout for quick cardio.

It’s 4 Drills (Bench hops, Jumping Runners Lunge, Side Step w/Resistance & Lateral Raise, & Frog Burpees) for 1 minute each, 4 rounds of that

Who else needs a no impact workout?

Who else needs a no impact workout??

Substitute what u need to based on what you have access to!

I still can’t wait to run & jump again but in most cases, injury is NOT an excuse to stop working out. Becoming sedentary just makes you weaker. Of course check with your Dr and Physical Therapist first, but make a list of what you CAN do, warm up, put on your favorite song (this is NOT mine) & GO!

What was your wod?

7 Reps! PR Today was a low impact version of Fire30 + biceps + triceps!

What was your wod?!

Monster Walks

Monster walks!! Try ‘em they’re fun! Do a big sumo squat with each one!

More no-impact lower body work in my insta story! In my physical therapy sessions for my gastroc tear it was recognized that my pirformis muscles are weak! I’m all about creating muscular BALANCE, so more side steps & monster walks for me!

Weight Lifting That Works

Don’t let the big weights fool you… I am actually pretty weak when it comes to Olympic-style or power lifting. I lack the POWER part, so yah, that’s why I just do it because I like physical challenges & I like to mix things up! But for YEARS I did traditional body building exercises (and I still do) & that bodybuilding style + nutrition is what seems to transform my body the most.

Comment if you need help finding a weight training program that works

p.s. I do not recommend Nike Lunar Epic Flyknits for Oly Lifts

3 Round Workout

THIS IS 3 ROUNDS ..but modify as YOU know your body & fitness best. Not sure if you can see the fine print, but those tricep push-ups can be done on your knees!

Be sure to warm up first!

Kettlebell WOD

Read closely: 3 ROUNDS of this Tag your gym buddy!

I used a 35lb kettlebell but only YOU know what weight is right for you Most start with a 15-26lb kettlebell.

Be sure to warm up beforehand & cooldown and stretch afterwards

Sore abs and I love it

You know what LISS stands for right?

That’s what I needed today (backday ). So sore today still from Friday’s workout (hope you’re checking my IG stories ) so a nice easy jog to loosen up was needed!

My abs are so sore, it feels like my ribs are broken & for some reason I love it