Killer Workout Today!

My workout killed me today! 10 rounds of these two! Is there a lifting exercise any more taxing than a Thruster?!

Happy Friday fit fam! What's the plan for your workout tomorrow??

We cannot take our health or life for granted

Sooo sore today from doing my own leg day workout (search #jenelleslegday on IG) with Jen yesterday that when I did Turbo 40, I had to force myself to make it thru even 20 minutes & then I figured that was good enough cardio for the day.

I just wanted to at least be warmed up enough to do a massive stretch sesh. My glutes felt like they had metal plates in them & my legs felt like bricks.

I wanted to stop 5 minutes in but then I thought of all the exercisers out there who are injured, handicapped, have genetic debilitating conditions, are recovering from something, etc & they fight thru it. So I just did what I could. I can only IMAGINE what some people go thru daily.

I talked to an incredible woman last night who suffers DAILY to do the most minor things, but she still modifies thru her BB workouts - such an inspiration! It's like my dad, he lost his leg in a motorcycle accident; things we do daily will always be a struggle for him. But he doesn't complain & he does SO much!

I'm just reminding myself & others, we really CANNOT take any part of our health or life for granted. It's true that what you take for granted daily, someone else is praying for.

Don’t Skip Strength Training!

Music is back on this time.. cool??

And just a reminder, don't skip legday or strength training in general! You quickly LOSE muscles you don't use!

Lost muscle is what causes a slower metabolism & sagging body parts !

But most importantly, strength training leads to confidence, bone health, injury prevention, & keeps you feeling, looking & functioning at your best

16 minute HIIT

16 Minute HIIT

Tag a friend and do it tomorrow at the gym??

I did a mini version of my "jenelleslegday" before this HIIT. So ~30 minutes lower body lifting + this

16 minute HIIT

Chest + Abs

This is a great no-gym-required chest & core workout if I do say so myself!

"Reps until failure" means you do the # of reps that is very challenging for YOU. Everyone is at a different stage of their fitness journey so it's going to be individual as to what # of reps is effective yet safe when just using body weight.

The last rep for each exercise should be tough enough that you're making faces & possibly cussing but still able to keep good form.

As always, warm up first, modify as needed & stretch after

Go-to for total body strength & cardio…in under 30 min

What's your go-to for total body strength & cardio under 30 min ?!

If you don't have access to a rower, any other cardio that you can do all out for 1 min will work (spinning, jump rope, front/back/side kicks, there & back sprint, elliptical, etc)

This is a great one if you just need a quick cardio & strength all in one (takes ~20 min) but don't need to kill yourself & don't need an intense lifting day. Do an extra interval of 30 Russian Twists with med ball🏀 (right + left = 2) for extra credit points🌟

20 Minute Interval Workout

Do you know what your workout will be tomorrow??

Here was mine today, per your request ☝🏼😊 (see last post). This workout is TOUGH if you do it with a challenging Kettlebell weight and really run *your* fastest 3-min loop🏃‍♀️! I used a 35lb Kettlebell & this video is obviously sped up. It's only 20min's, so make the most of it

All You Need to Know about Shift Shop

One of my top coaches (& also one of my closest friends) Cory did a review of the new program that's coming - Shift Shop.  Click below for the review!


Built In Fat Burners

Skipping leg day because you want to lose fat first?!?!

No no no. Those leg muscles are some of your BEST built in fat burners.

Some* of what I did for leg day last night. I was using my iPhone remote to film these & not every exercise can safely be done while simultaneously holding that thing down😆. But if you're curious, you should be able to see more of what I do when you click #jenelleslegday on IG (the post that's a video & has two side by side frames).

Cardio Intervals

If you like drill-style, athletic workouts, you'll like the new Shift Shop workouts launching soon!