Cinnamon Sugar toast

cinnamon sugar toastWhat was your favorite childhood food???

My favorites were …get ready… hot dogs, pizza, pop tarts, cereal & cinnamon sugar toast!

Yes, mom cooked us some healthy meals & both parents stressed the importance of fitness (both very into fitness & mom was also a fitness instructor) …I’m just saying those were my FAVORITE things to eat …up until I had to lose weight for the ballet company. That’s what forced me at such a young age (14-16 yrs old) to learn about weight loss, fitness and how our metabolisms work. But to this day, I still love my cinnamon “sugar” toast… just modified

So this was one of my small QUICK & EASY meals/snacks (whatever you want to call it) today… Cinnamon Raisin toasted Ezekiel English Muffin topped with a tiny bit of coconut oil, cinnamon & stevia💗. I had some finely chopped salad left over from yesterday & that has like 7 different veggies in it.