Some Quick Facts

Leaders in this biz believe in and participate in personal development
Leaders know Before & After pics ROCK your business!
Leaders know it’s their business to get results & show them, despite fear
Leaders in this biz add at least 50 people to their network per week
Leaders in this biz are having genuine inbox conversations
Leaders ask “have you ever considered coaching?” to at least 5 people/wk
Leaders don’t ask strangers. They build trust & friendships over time
Leaders aim to hit SC monthly, they occasionally fail, but never give up
Leaders are more concerned with their team members hitting SC5 than they are with themselves hitting SC10
Leaders aim for business progress, not perfection
Leaders are more concerned with bettering themselves as leaders to their teams than comparing themselves to OTHER leaders
Leaders add to their team every.single.week and get them started right!
Leaders see potential in their new team members before they do.
Leaders share success stories before technical how-to’s
Leaders know to work with the willing & be there when others are ready
Leaders in this biz speak from their strong belief system, not a script
Leaders act as fitness/health consultants not beachbody salespeople
Leaders duplicate, but put their own BRAND (personality/style) on it
Leaders are taking great pictures and understand the power of visuals
Leaders listen to the National Wake-Up call every.single.week
Leaders track all prospects (everyone they have ever asked about the biz)
Leaders follow up w/brief, genuine conversation & expect nothing in return
Leaders continually seek new ways to better serve their teams & customers

If that seems overwhelming, set some goals, make to-do lists…
That is IF you want to strive for things like consistent rank advancements, Success Club, and/or Elite Coach.

(PLEASE NOTE: the people you’re asking “Have you ever considered coaching?” are NOT the same people you’ve just met that week).

How do you get people more interested in you?

  • First be prepared; get some credibility. Gain some knowledge and get some results, even if it’s just 5 days of results, it gives you SOME credibility/experience/knowledge.
  • Secondly, get interested in THEM, follow them, like on their pics, comment on their pics, provide them with something they WANT – info, support, friendship, motivation, tools, ideas, recipes, how-to’s, things you’ve learned .. think outside the box. What do people compliment you on? What are you liked/known for? People may be easily attracted to fitness guru’s but they connect with and JOIN the people who show *genuine* interest in THEM – the coaches who are talking to them, giving them tips, info, resources, ideas, support, etc. If your interest is not genuine, they can tell. Don’t try to find customers or coaches… find new friends! Inspire fitness/health to attract like-minded, and from there, .. ENGAGE in conversation to make new FRIENDS. If you get to know them & you know how you can help them w/products or the business, the rest will fall into place. Be cool about it.. put yourself in their shoes.

If what you’re saying to someone would be okay for YOU to hear from someone given you were in their same situation & circumstances, then trust it’s okay for THEM to hear.