Hey team! Just FYI There’s still time even if you have zero Success Club points near the end of the month! As long as you’re reaching out to people and doing follow up messaging, you still have time to HELP people this month!

Here are some tips to finish the month strong:

1. Offer an incentive

  • $50 gift card (cannot be cash OR like-cash i.e. a Visa or MasterCard Gift Card – but something like $50 to Amazon is fine)
  • tshirt/tank,
  • a free clean eating guide with it,
  • a PUSH book,
  • a clean eating grocery list,
  • resistance band,
  • a Fitness magazine subscription… or a few of these to list in your post!

CREATE value for investing in their fitness!

Success Club S.O.S. Team Training

2. Make a list of “STRONG PROSPECTS”

Make a list of at least 30 that have EVER expressed an interest in a challenge group or the business. Don’t be sales-y but do a follow up message regarding your next challenge group, but also end in a personal question like “btw, how was your weekend or how was your summer?” (Build relationships first and foremost. Don’t just be about making sales or recruiting).

3. SHARE a bag of Shakeology on HD

Ask close friends/family members if they would SHARE a bag of ShakeO on HD between 2 people and just cancel before the second shipment if they don’t want to continue. Reiterate the shipping savings for getting it on HD & give them Coach relations number ahead of time so they feel comfortable that they can cancel (800)240-0913.

4. Create a Facebook EVENT

Create a Facebook EVENT and invite EVERYONE and post about it..make it a PARTY, create hype, then message people from there. See the team training call on JenelleSummers.com for facebook events.

5. Post a before and after (always stirs up new business!)

6. Send an email invite to friends and family regarding your next challenge.

They may not be seeing your Facebook posts. Keep the email brief and just ask for REFERRALS rather than asking THEM to join. But …watch.. they may join themselves! Put something catchy in the subject line. Don’t give out your link; the email could get triggered to their spam, plus it looks sales-y. Ask a question at the end that anyone would want to reply to, even if they are NOT into fitness and health, but just for the sake of giving their input.. because you asked for it. If you can, send individual emails (more effective).

7. Run a Facebook ad for your Challenge group!

If you have a like page, run a Facebook ad for your challenge group! If you’re requiring a purchase for a challenge group, say “this is a complimentary service for purchase of Shakeology or a Challenge Pack”

8. Email your assigned customers.

Send your assigned customers an email and give them an incentive for joining your challenge group and offer something for free in the subject line, but don’t use the word free. Use F*r*e*e or complimentary so it doesn’t trigger spam.

9. Contact a business owner

Contact a business owner you know and ask if you can get their employees into a fitness challenge.

10. Post at least one more time about your next challenge

Post at least one more time about your next challenge. Be sure to to include an urgency to join .. “I keep these small and only have a little bit of room left, so comment below or inbox me if you’re interested”

11. Do a post highlighting the financial benefit this business has given you.

This peaks interest for those considering Coaching. It could be what you’ve made in certain weeks, or certain months, or what you’ve paid off, or what your team members are making that you’re striving to make.