Healthy Lunch before Summit Rehearsal

Just a pic of our lunch before my rehearsal at the convention center

I'm really so honored to be asked to speak at the Leadership portion of Summit!

As you know, I don't particularly like public speaking but when it's a business topic I'm passionate about teaching to others, it comes MUCH easier.

I just focus on them and the message I need to make sure they hear loud and clear vs what they may think of me as a person or as a speaker. I'm not there to be liked or put on a pedestal, I'm there to teach. And I hope people have an easier time succeeding as a result

Counting Calories and Macros

This was "Dinner" at about 5pm. Egg whites, spinach, tomato , a little feta & sweet potatoes. And then I had a salad around 8pm & I'll probably have a Greek Yogurt sweetened w/stevia around 10.

I don't count calories or macros but I have in the past so that I always have that awareness. And I DO estimate in my head if/when I'm getting OFF track

Grilling Out

It's balmy out today in Ohio (sorta Sunny & 60 ) so Matt & I grilled outside for lunch ..turkey burgers & asparagus!

Working from home doesn't suck.

Btw, I dipped this in that Opadipity Greek Yogurt (Chipotle Flavor) that I've talked about before. It's

Gut Health

Are you less & less tempted to eat junk or ANYTHING processed after listening to my sister's recent podcasts with the gut health experts talking about how that impacts our ability to absorb nutrients and ability to lose fat?

All the talk of processed foods & foods that essentially turn to sugar, fueling the bad bacteria in your gut making us more susceptible to bloating, fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, disease, cancer and making our bodies more prone to holding onto unecessary FAT.. ughh Definitely makes it easier to want to eat healthier, right ?!

Anyway.. I'm never perfect but always trying to fight that urge to just order pizza & eat chocolate. I mean ..once in a while ...FOR SURE

This was Tempeh, sliced sweet potatoes w/cinnamon, avocado, & baba ganoush! Baba Ganoush is very similar tasting to hummus. I just sliced the tempeh & put in the pan with olive oil (I usually prefer coconut oil & Braggs liquid aminos instead of low sodium soy but couldn't find it since renovating our kitchen).

Almond Flour Wraps

I often use Ezekiel wraps but I am REALLY liking these almond flour (grain-free ) from Siete! Bought from Amazon of course!

They ripped a little but still stayed wrapped.

WHAT'S IN THE WRAP? WildPlanet tuna mixed with plain Greek Yogurt & mustard, greens, avocado & tomatoes .

Peanut Butter RX Bars

Peanut Butter RX Bars

Trying this new Peanut Butter flavor of RX Bars!
A bit disappointed Detroit Airport didn't have Oxygen Magazine

Peanut Butter RX Bars


Fit Snack

Need an idea for those leftover easter eggs??

Check this out & share any other tips you have below!!

Grilled Turkey Burger with Salsa, Hummus and Roasted Broccoli

This is Grilled Turkey burger (no special recipe just seasoned with Flavor God, with salsa, hummus & roasted broccoli

Is this ALL I had tonight? No. I had just drank a Chocolate Recover an hour earlier (clean BCAAs & protein) and for dessert, a spoonful of Coconut Butter Spread in Vanilla Cake Batter flavor

Tacos with NuCo Coconut Wraps

Who loves tacos ?!

I've just decided we're going to have tacos once a week now that I'm in love with these NuCo coconut wraps from Amazon.

They hold together better than the Ezekiel wraps I used to use AND they taste better (kinda sweet and chewy.. vs dry).

Nikki’s Vanilla Cake Batter Coconut Butter Spread

I don't know why Tank is surprised I'm eating Nikki's Vanilla Cake Batter Coconut Butter Spread again .

And #1 question is always "what do you put it on?" to which I answer "a spoon " I've put it in my Shakeology before but I'd rather savor it by itself. And the #2 question is always "where can I get it?" to which I answer "Amazon".

BEWARE: Not everyone agrees this is amazing. My parents thought this tasted horrible !!