Keep Things Simple

I get stress, anxiety, fear, overwhelm like anyone else but one thing I have learned is to drown out negativity, excuses, & anything that may distract my top priorities that keep me happy & feeling balanced.

Know what you want, believe you can achieve it, pray about it, be a student who learns AND quickly applies even in the presence of fear, & don’t let others’ opinions deter you. I tend to WAY overthink things & then WAY UNDERthink other things!

But I’ve learned to keep things as SIMPLE as possible and protect my positive mindset more than ANYTHING & just be grateful

But that said, it honestly can FIRST get very complicated to keep things simple; i.e saying no, making sacrifices, taking chances, embracing the unknown, making changes in your schedule, ditching the need for perfectionism, making changes in your lifestyle, hiring help, etc., ..these are all very hard & complicated but sooooooo worth it to have the simple things in life that make you happy