Random Facts


•I was kicked in the face by our pony when I was 3yrs old (hence the scar)

•I went from sports to pro ballet company

•I’m an introvert but no longer accept my shy behaviors

•I have a BBA & worked as a Sr Comp Analyst for Domino’s Pizza Headquarters

•Beachbody Coaching 8 yrs took us from overworked & financially stressed in corporate to a multi-million dollar business on flex-time.

•My husband of 22 yrs was my first crush at 12 & I would be nowhere without him!!!

•I’ve run fitness groups where only 2 would commit (i.e. never give up!)

•I’ve spoken to 25,000 people on a stage in front of business owners-coaches, even though I have huge failures in my biz every day & NEVER will have all the answers And I don’t like public speaking

•I’ve promoted free groups where NO ONE joined

•I’ve done a full webinar training with mute on

•I had my first coaches, who already believed in beachbody, before I ever made even ONE sale (being good at sales is not the success indicator! Genuinely sharing & helping ppl is).

•I taught fitness classes & Personal Trained 20+ yrs on top of working a full time career

•My son was born 2 months premature, but otherwise healthy, on Christmas Day

•I’m smart but have total MOM BIZ OWNER BRAIN DRAIN 24/7

•I believe EVERYONE means well & is good-hearted.. until u prove me wrong

•I can be so disorganized, late, frazzled, but if it’s important .. I’ll do whatever it takes to succeed & serve YOU !

Legal disclaimer : Beachbody does not guarantee any level of income or success from the Team Beachbody opportunity. Each coach’s success depends on his/her own efforts, skill and diligence.