What is holding you back?

FEAR LESS! It’s not actually that you should try to have less fear, it’s that you should learn how to act in the face of it more often. And you know what else I need to remind myself (& others) …be less stubborn!

So often I see that stubbornness/denial & ego impedes success and happiness.

When I first heard of this business, I was close-minded/skeptical and stubborn about learning more because I didn’t want to admit there was another/better life available to me.
I didn’t want to admit my current path in Corporate, which I was proud of, was maybe not the best path for me.
I didn’t want the awkwardness & mistakes of being new to something.

So yah, I’m guilty of it but maybe that’s why it’s so obvious when I see or hear it in others.

So what, if anything, is holding you back, fear or stubbornness?