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Healthy Lunch before Summit Rehearsal

Just a pic of our lunch before my rehearsal at the convention center I'm really so honored to be asked to speak at the Leadership portion of Summit! As you know, I don't particularly like public speaking but when it's a business topic I'm passionate about teaching to others, it comes MUCH easier. I just […]

Let your purpose be bigger than your fear

I've come to learn some people don't start in business (or other new venture) because they don't want to be seen as a beginner. They're used to being comfortable or advanced/successful in what they do. Learning something new is always awkward at first & the fear of what others will think while watching the early […]

It’s okay to protect your energy

Agreed?! I love this for my own reminder so I shared it with my team tonight & thought I'd share it with u all as well . If you don't protect your energy/happiness/mindset, you'll also risk negatively impacting your health, your relationships, your fitness, your message, your self confidence & more. Let go of the […]

Team Workout!

Started the day off with a team workout! Are you ever resistant to being a part of a team because you don't want to let others down?? I get it! I was one of the weakest girls, if not THE weakest, on our team today but when you "level up" & play with the big […]

Structure or Intuition?

What's your preference? Structure & guidelines ..or being intuitive ? You've heard of intuitive eating? Well I do intuitive exercising. In other words, each day my workout is dependent on what I feel I need ..but also taking into consideration what I *want* to do, what makes me feel accomplished or happy, my time constraints […]

Super fit even with doctor’s restrictions

I finally got another pic of Matt! 😁 He's proof you can be super fit even if your Doctor tells you you're not supposed to do any more HIIT workouts or heavy lifting 😨..which is what he always did! He found out a couple years ago he has a genetic issue with his heart valve […]