Let your purpose be bigger than your fear

I've come to learn some people don't start in business (or other new venture) because they don't want to be seen as a beginner.

They're used to being comfortable or advanced/successful in what they do.

Learning something new is always awkward at first & the fear of what others will think while watching the early stumbles, is paralyzing for many.

The ONLY way I know to break free from that is to decide your purpose is bigger than your fear of judgement.

As Dr Seuss said "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"

Random Facts


•I was kicked in the face by our pony when I was 3yrs old (hence the scar)

•I went from sports to pro ballet company

•I'm an introvert but no longer accept my shy behaviors

•I have a BBA & worked as a Sr Comp Analyst for Domino's Pizza Headquarters

•Beachbody Coaching 8 yrs took us from overworked & financially stressed in corporate to a multi-million dollar business on flex-time.

•My husband of 22 yrs was my first crush at 12 & I would be nowhere without him!!!

•I've run fitness groups where only 2 would commit (i.e. never give up!)

•I've spoken to 25,000 people on a stage in front of business owners-coaches, even though I have huge failures in my biz every day & NEVER will have all the answers And I don't like public speaking

•I've promoted free groups where NO ONE joined

•I've done a full webinar training with mute on

•I had my first coaches, who already believed in beachbody, before I ever made even ONE sale (being good at sales is not the success indicator! Genuinely sharing & helping ppl is).

•I taught fitness classes & Personal Trained 20+ yrs on top of working a full time career

•My son was born 2 months premature, but otherwise healthy, on Christmas Day

•I'm smart but have total MOM BIZ OWNER BRAIN DRAIN 24/7

•I believe EVERYONE means well & is good-hearted.. until u prove me wrong

•I can be so disorganized, late, frazzled, but if it's important .. I'll do whatever it takes to succeed & serve YOU !

Legal disclaimer : Beachbody does not guarantee any level of income or success from the Team Beachbody opportunity. Each coach's success depends on his/her own efforts, skill and diligence.

Keep Things Simple

I get stress, anxiety, fear, overwhelm like anyone else but one thing I have learned is to drown out negativity, excuses, & anything that may distract my top priorities that keep me happy & feeling balanced.

Know what you want, believe you can achieve it, pray about it, be a student who learns AND quickly applies even in the presence of fear, & don't let others' opinions deter you. I tend to WAY overthink things & then WAY UNDERthink other things!

But I've learned to keep things as SIMPLE as possible and protect my positive mindset more than ANYTHING & just be grateful

But that said, it honestly can FIRST get very complicated to keep things simple; i.e saying no, making sacrifices, taking chances, embracing the unknown, making changes in your schedule, ditching the need for perfectionism, making changes in your lifestyle, hiring help, etc., ..these are all very hard & complicated but sooooooo worth it to have the simple things in life that make you happy

You don’t gain anything from stressing

Really, what good does it do to stress/dwell on something?

Pray, do your best, and let the rest fall into place where it's supposed to.

Thank you @ power of speech on IG for this simple truth!!

Sweet Craving

Maybe not the BEST habit but when I'm craving something sweet at night, I like to have some decaf coffee w/Califia almond milk creamer & stevia . Most of the time, I don't even finish it's more of a distraction from something else.

What do YOU do?

Off-the-shoulder tops

Off-the-shoulder tops... awesome or no ??

I'm obsessed with off-the-shoulder tops, always have been, always will be

People ask me where I get them & I don't get them from any ONE particular store- they're everywhere.

If it's not meant to be worn off-the-shoulder, like this one (it's an OLD Lululemon top), then I either cut it or stretch it out to be!

5 Habits You Should Adopt

5 Habits You Should Adopt:

1. Listening to a podcast, training or personal development while you get ready in the morning
2. Making a to-do list every day, at a specific time
3. Stop comparing, judging & assuming
4. That negative self-talk in your head... repetitively tell yourself the OPPOSITE .
5. Take action on what's in your control, everything else..let it go

Does being cold makes you crave more food?

It's May & we're still using the fire .

Do you feel like being cold makes you crave more food? (& coffee?)

3 Things We Keep Forgetting…

3 things we keep forgetting.......

1. You are more capable than you'll ever know;
2. Attitude is everything;
3. Anxiety should be replaced with gratefulness;

Favorites from the UltaBeauty Store

Shopping & spending time with family today for my bday!

Some of my favorites from the UltaBeauty store!

That Bye Bye Under Eye & Bye Bye Redness by It Cosmetics