There are days where life is ALL off balance

What's your go-to if you have just 30 minutes??

Today was not a typical Saturday bcuz it was alllllll about playing catchup with business! These last several days have been devoted to finalizing the last pieces of the move (we are % out FINALLY.. Matt says it's official.. we're hoarders ), projects & deliveries at our new house, closing on the house we moved out of, planning our Super Saturday, hosting my parents & celebrating my mom's Birthday busy week! 

So I finally got to workout tonight & in less than 30minutes I busted out biceps, triceps & turbo!!

There are days where life is ALL off balance & that's not only OK, the imbalance is actually *necessary* for growth because it forces you to fall forward to find your balance again.

Believe in yourself more than anyone!

I’m very familiar with judgement from people that don’t know me & I do my best to ignore whispers, comments & looks

I wear boots in warm weather .
I wear makeup when I workout .
I’m a former ballerina who lifts weights & does Crossfit .
I married my 12-year old crush .
I was able to have a baby against all odds . Built a multi million dollar fitness business on social media even though I’m NOT the fittest and I lack social skills

I’m saying this because I want you to take the chance even though everyone around you might be shaking their heads, judging or thinking... “good luck with THAT!”

Don’t let statistics or their opinions of you be the reason you don’t do what you want.

You only have one chance to give this life your best .

They aren’t walking in your shoes.

They don’t know your reasons or your drive.

Yes, be open minded, be smart, consider how your path will Impact your future , but take a chance as you might not get the chance again. It’s not a waste of time if you learn something .

Believe in yourself more than anyone!


Fit in time for yourself

It’s not easy to fit in time for yourself ..time to workout, time to do your own thing ... but you’ll be a happier mom if you do.

Plan a way to make it happen. It won’t always pan out but don’t feel guilty when it does.

Grateful for my parents

Good laughs this summer with Dad, mom, Chalene & our younger brother Bill

So grateful for everything our parents taught us. I try to empower women every day because so many didn’t have that growing up.

If you’re a parent, I'm sure you realize those seemingly insignificant negative comments sometimes stick with a kid in the worst way & on the other hand, the seemingly insignificant POSITIVE comments can shape their future.

Being a parent is SO hard & we’re certainly NOT perfect, just putting it out there in case the reminder was needed

Be kind

Be kind. Refrain from the dirty look, the negative comment, the temptation to assume you know the situation, or the "why" behind someone's actions.. *especially* when it's someone you don't know well. You never know what they're dealing with or overcoming.

You with me? Feel free share if you agree.

feel good

Let’s do what makes us feel good about ourselves

Just a gut check

Someone once commented "you can tell you're sucking in" well..yahhhh, I always am contracting my abs in - it's a good habit to contract your abs throughout your day! And yah, I contract when I look at myself in the mirror ..even when I'm all alone.

I say, let's do what makes us feel good about ourselves & let's not care what anyone thinks of that;they do not know our struggles & what we've overcome! I'm not trying to impress anyone but myself

feel good

Take the Step

Take the Step

I love this quote - what do you think??

Take the Step

What do you tell yourself when things get tough?

It's true when they say, how you talk to yourself will either positively or negatively impact EVERY aspect of your life.

What do you tell yourself when things get tough?

who should you marry

Who should you marry?

When I was a teen, one of my friend's moms was telling my friend to marry someone rich. Whaaaat?!

Looking back.. maybe she was joking?? I thought it was a crazy statement even then.

I've never liked things handed to me that I didn't earn.. not things or money. Marry or be with someone who makes you laugh, who believes in the same priorities you do, who you respect, respects THEMSELVES and respects you, someone who does the little things for you -without you even asking- and who is your biggest fan even when things are tough.

And ask yourself if you are doing those same things in return

who should you marry

don't waste the opportunity

Don’t waste the opportunity


..don't waste the opportunity to let your push represent more than just yourself

don't waste the opportunity