Kettlebell Swings

I do kettlebell swings when I want a no-impact cardio move that also requires strength & explosiveness from the core & hips (because I lack that).

I typically include them as part of a cardio/strength circuit workout.

And I’m not claiming to be a kettlebell guru but I do know it’s a movement that comes from power generated at the hips with the KB swinging directly under your booty.

Too often I see people doing this bent over forward, chest falling & the KB swinging too low.

I do ~30 reps several times in my Circuit with a 35lb kettlebell.

Newbies: start with a LIGHTER weight KB to master your form first.

How is your day so far?

What emojis describe your day so far?! 💻

My morning routine. Non jittery low-dose caffeine pre-workout that helps me actually START (versus putting it off) & helps me push harder. And my post workout with 20g protein and 4g BCAAs. (I use Energize & Recover.)

Hotel workouts with a gastroc tear

Hotel workouts with a gastroc tear are not my favorite but there’s always SOMETHING you can do! The worst thing you can do is just go sedentary until it heals up. I am working with some awesome women in my “strength & performance” Group & they’re adopting the same no excuses attitude!
And luckily wearing high heels here in Vegas allows me to walk just fine

Congratulations, Sarah!

I heard from this amazing woman today, Sarah with 5 KIDS who accomplished these results with 3 rounds of one of my sister’s at-home lifting programs -while the house is still sleeping plus following macros.
WOW!   She explained that she later fell off the wagon but is BACK ON TRACK NOW!!

It’s never too late. We all fall at times, it’s not the end, it’s a bump in the road

Do you use FitRadio?

Do you use FitRadio?! I LOVE the mixes on there!! even when doing an at-home workout, once you know the form & basic routine, you can listen to your own music

What was your wod?

7 Reps! PR Today was a low impact version of Fire30 + biceps + triceps!

What was your wod?!

Monster Walks

Monster walks!! Try ‘em they’re fun! Do a big sumo squat with each one!

More no-impact lower body work in my insta story! In my physical therapy sessions for my gastroc tear it was recognized that my pirformis muscles are weak! I’m all about creating muscular BALANCE, so more side steps & monster walks for me!

Comparing is wasted time

Me/also me

I finally held it but only for a :00.5 You have no idea how long someone has been doing the leg work to arrive where they are. So what’s the point of comparing yourself to what you see at surface level??

Comparing is simply wasted time & mental energy that could’ve been spent moving the needle.


3 Round Workout

THIS IS 3 ROUNDS ..but modify as YOU know your body & fitness best. Not sure if you can see the fine print, but those tricep push-ups can be done on your knees!

Be sure to warm up first!

Sore abs and I love it

You know what LISS stands for right?

That’s what I needed today (backday ). So sore today still from Friday’s workout (hope you’re checking my IG stories ) so a nice easy jog to loosen up was needed!

My abs are so sore, it feels like my ribs are broken & for some reason I love it