Team Workout!

Started the day off with a team workout!

Are you ever resistant to being a part of a team because you don't want to let others down??

I get it!

I was one of the weakest girls, if not THE weakest, on our team today but when you "level up" & play with the big kids in sports/business/life, you start to establish a "new normal" you never knew was in you!

That's why I love it when something challenges me !! ( except annoying challenges 150 Burpees for time )

quick hiit

Quick HIIT

What was your workout today??

I just did one round of this today, in addition to my lifting, but I'd say most of you would want to do 2-3 rounds! One round takes 10 minutes (duh obviously)

If you don't have access to a rower, do a 1-min sprint or 1-minute of mountain climbers instead (anything that drives your heart rate up in 1 minute). Always warmup first

quick hiit

What is your preferred cardio workout?

If it's a CARDIO day, what's your preferred workout?

You already know my favorite! BUT.. did you know I didn't really like Turbo at first?! Nope! I went to Chalene's class & I felt awkward doing it. I was teaching a very drill-style kickboxing at the time & I'm a bit stubborn to try new things.

What a mistake it would've been to not try it a few more times!

Just do it now…

Didn't feel like working out but just 30 minutes of lifting felt great once I got started, & an even better feeling to be done. #justdoitnow


What was your workout today?

What was YOUR workout today???

I did a running & Abs interval, then lifted --bi's & tri's 💪🏼

Love my new strappy tank I bought this morning to support the 555fitness organization/charity! They're just $25 & fit just like my Lululemon that's probably twice as much☺️. And with these sport bras, a good backless T is always in order ☝🏼🎯😊.

Congratulations, Wendy!

Check out Wendy Wendy DeBarathy Bankhead results!!

This married mom of 2 started with 21DF then moved on to other Beachbody programs like Master's Hammer & Chisel, 21DFE, Core De Force, etc but she's always used the 21DF container system. She's kept the weight off for 3 years now. Follow @wendybankhead on IG for more inspiration


Find a way and just do it

Discipline is about doing the activities which take you closer to your best life, even when those activities are the last thing in the WORLD you feel like doing. Don't allow distractions & don't negotiate with yourself... find a way and just do it.


Do Something Daily

30 minutes was all I did, or needed, today! How about you?

Some days it's more & some days it's less. Depends on the day - my time, how I feel, what's NOT too sore😆, etc. The main thing is to do SOMETHING active daily bcuz after several days off, the habit starts to wear off & then you risk losing your mojo altogether

Turbo fire impulse song

Get_fit_and_fierce_When this song comes on, your lift turns to Turbo-on-impulse!


DISCLAIMER: form & intensity are NOT on point, just screwing around here & making up choreography as I go!

Find your Passion and you will find Purpose

find your passion and you will find your purposeWhat's holding you back??

Don't get stuck just surviving each day with work, eat, sleep, repeat.

It doesn't have to be that way.
Change is HARD.
Taking a leap of faith is HARD.
Taking what seems like 10 steps back in order to take a step forward HARD!

The average person won't take those chances, they won't make the sacrifices, & they'll remain unsatisfied in a comfort zone. You weren't meant to live each day with purpose