Girls’ trip departure workout

Recognize the commentator’s voice ??

The girls trip departure workout this morning was 1 minute of 5 exercises, 3 rounds through !

1. Speed Skaters
2. Quick Toe taps on a step
3. Ab rollers
4. Mountain Climbers
5. Thrusters as shown (with a weight that is challenging to do for a minute without breaks)

What gets you moving?

What gets you moving??

For me, it’s my preworkout & putting on great music! FitRadio (the Hip Hop genre, or R&B, or Top 40 are my favorites on there )! Just re-select the genre if you don’t like the playlist that’s going to play & it will take you to a different DJ mix

Get in your zone and get to work!

What Saturday workout did you do?

Get in your zone and get to work!


An ab/core workout per some requests.

You in???

You don’t need to do all of these & you should definitely modify if any of its unfamiliar/difficult to you. I hate to even put reps & sets on this bcuz it’s really a matter of your fitness level, core strength & endurance, etc. I do core work like this for just a few minutes 2-3 times per week.

This is OF COURSE double time speed just to quickly demo, but in real life, go slow & controlled so you can concentrate on the contraction & your form.

Warm up first ..I did my lifting & cardio before this. I was SPENT when I filmed this

New Fitness Routine for Pets

These 3 just turned another year older . Time’s flying! Why can’t pets live longer?

We’ve committed to a new fitness routine for them More walks! It’s important for OUR gut health to get outside more often anyway

Real Run after Calf Tear

First time doing a real run after my GastrocTear (calf tear) & finished 2 miles with ease! I’ll build to my normal pace & mileage in time.. but I’m happy & grateful for Dry Needling, Cupping, & US therapy at physical Therapy !

Can’t believe I was on crutches 7 weeks ago! If I can do this, YOU can do this!

Did back & legs after that.

Nike Air Prestos

How can these Nikes NOT be for working out?? They’re Nike Air Prestos & that’s what I heard! So I just lift in them .

Anyway, here’s what you’ll need- at a minimum- for the new program that released today!! The focus of these 80 different workouts is ABS, BOOTY and fat burning! But can I just add, your nutrition is ALWAYS key with any program.

Dancing Lift with Mom

What was YOUR Saturday workout??

Had a great dancing lift with mom this morning!!
Love her energy & confidence!

Workout Variety?

I was asked today if it was ok to be a coach if you sometimes do other workouts. In my opinion, YES, of course, no problem !

Yah ..of course you need to believe in our mission & experience what we offer as some of the VERY BEST home workouts ever made & even more coming. But that doesn’t mean you cant go for a run or lift on your own.

This is a business of becoming your best self, being on your own personal journey, being an inspiration, & listening to others’ needs.

Kettlebell Swings

I do kettlebell swings when I want a no-impact cardio move that also requires strength & explosiveness from the core & hips (because I lack that).

I typically include them as part of a cardio/strength circuit workout.

And I’m not claiming to be a kettlebell guru but I do know it’s a movement that comes from power generated at the hips with the KB swinging directly under your booty.

Too often I see people doing this bent over forward, chest falling & the KB swinging too low.

I do ~30 reps several times in my Circuit with a 35lb kettlebell.

Newbies: start with a LIGHTER weight KB to master your form first.