New Leg Day Routine

Can you see the fine print??
Maybe screen shot this & zoom in ?
I just love this leg day routine I created & thought I’d share


The quality most associated with success and happiness

You may not be able to control your circumstances, but you can always control your attitude  Agreed??

Countdown WOD

Countdown WOD

Need a quick cardio sesh tomorrow??

Be sure to warm up first Put on your fav playlist (I love FitRadio app) & go as intensely as your heart & fitness levels desires

Countdown WOD

Working out was just not happening today but that’s ok!

Yah, working out was just not happening today but that's ok!

The clean eating & intermittent fasting was just not happening today either ..but that's ok!

When I miss a workout, since I rarely do, I tell myself it was a needed rest day and when I eat too many carbs in a day, I call it refeeding. It helps me stay on track to tell myself I'm still very ON track

Happiness is in the mind of the beholder.
And so basically I should be good and ready to kill it tomorrow!

How bout you??

Don’t skip your workout just because you don’t have time to do the WHOLE thing

I found 20 minutes between commitments this morning & that's all I needed!

In fact, I've done many effective workouts in less than 10 minutes! Not every day has to be about scorching a bajillion calories or making "gains" anyway; some maintenance days that just keep your head in the game are fine.

Don't skip your workout just because you don't have time to do the WHOLE thing, or won't have the right equipment or space. If it's not meant to be a rest day, something is better than nothing because one day can turn into 2 which turns into 3 and before you know it, you "feel" off track, your eating starts slacking & it's a downward spiral that can happen. And re-starting is tough!

Hamstring Curls & Hip Thrusts

Who needs all the hamstring work?!

So these are hamstring curls & hip thrusts using the stability ball! They look innocent but trust me, if you do them slow & controlled focusing on isolation, you will really recruit & train those hamstrings!

Do 3-4 sets of 16 curls & 3-4 sets of 16 thrusts added on to your deadlifts and/or your leg day

To workout or call it a rest day?

To workout or call it a rest day?
Lets look at the Pro's & Con's as maybe you have a similar list?

PRO'S: I'll feel accomplished, I'll relieve stress, I can get it done in under 30min, I'll work off some of last night's pizza, I'll stay accountable to my fitness group I'm coaching, I'll workout in the fresh air, I'll feel especially deserving of my chocolate PB shake afterwards, I'll have no regrets.


Team Workout!

Started the day off with a team workout!

Are you ever resistant to being a part of a team because you don't want to let others down??

I get it!

I was one of the weakest girls, if not THE weakest, on our team today but when you "level up" & play with the big kids in sports/business/life, you start to establish a "new normal" you never knew was in you!

That's why I love it when something challenges me !! ( except annoying challenges 150 Burpees for time )

quick hiit

Quick HIIT

What was your workout today??

I just did one round of this today, in addition to my lifting, but I'd say most of you would want to do 2-3 rounds! One round takes 10 minutes (duh obviously)

If you don't have access to a rower, do a 1-min sprint or 1-minute of mountain climbers instead (anything that drives your heart rate up in 1 minute). Always warmup first

quick hiit

What is your preferred cardio workout?

If it's a CARDIO day, what's your preferred workout?

You already know my favorite! BUT.. did you know I didn't really like Turbo at first?! Nope! I went to Chalene's class & I felt awkward doing it. I was teaching a very drill-style kickboxing at the time & I'm a bit stubborn to try new things.

What a mistake it would've been to not try it a few more times!